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RUSH: I think, folks, if you look at Bill Clinton and if you look at him in a proper context, all of that that you saw yesterday is understandable and it’s what many of us throughout the nineties were attempting to explain to people. You’ve got a guy, I think who’s basically ashamed in his soul and in his heart when he allows momentarily the reality of circumstances to creep in. He’s ashamed of what he did, but he can’t allow — he’s not going to feel that. So he’s going to exorcise that shame as fast as he can and he does that by lying to himself and he does that in a way that the uninitiated is somewhat persuasive. For example, it’s hard to describe just how ridiculous it is to say that Republicans accused him of being obsessed with bin Laden. No such thing is true. Newt Gingrich sent out faxes to people saying, support the president on these missile strikes in Sudan and in Afghanistan. We’ve gotta come together fighting terror.
When the president in ’98 warned us of Saddam, Republicans got on board. The idea that they were out to lunch defies rational explanation and will require a professional, hopefully one who’s treating or has treated Clinton, to explain this to us. But for our purposes, it’s just a flat out lie. He even says in his interview that he was accused of wagging the dog with these strikes which shows he’s extremely sensitive to the criticism he’s got. I mean, he absorbs the criticism he has gotten, and he files it away, and it gnaws at him. It eats away at him and the only reason it does is because it’s true. If it were not true, he wouldn’t have that big a problem. But since he’s obsessed with creating a legacy built on lies, he’s gotta control the lies, he’s gotta control all this. As to the Wag the Dog business, you know, there’s a very simple response to that. Mr. President, if you had not engaged in relations with a subordinate intern, Monica Lewinsky, while on the job in the Oval Office, would you not have been completely free to pursue bin Laden without claims of Wag the Dog? I mean, the reason the Wag the Dog question comes up, Mr. President, is because of your behavior. It’s not invented out of thin air.
By the way, did you see, ladies and gentlemen, before I forget this, on Saturday morning I’m driving down to the golf course, had the radio on, I got the top down so it’s a little hard to hear. I don’t want to turn the radio up too loud because I don’t want neighboring drivers even on a highway to think I’m running around with my boom box up to 800 decibels pounding bass out there. But I caught this little bit that somebody, the French or the Saudis or somebody saying that Osama bin Laden died a month ago of typhoid. So I went out to the golf course and told a couple guys about it. There was some interest in it, a little bit of panic in the eyes of some of the liberals on the golf course, but I got back home and reading around about it there was abject panic out there that bin Laden might be dead. There was panic, on the Democrats side, oh, no, don’t tell us this, after basing our entire argument that Bush has screwed up the war on terror by not getting bin Laden, don’t tell us that. And the Democrats day has been saved because apparently nobody can confirm it.

I think it’s actually a Wag the Dog ploy to get that idiot to surface, like Zarqawi did so we can get a triangulation idea of where he is. Let’s start with the audio sound bites. You’ll forgive me for this, but Cookie, who put the sound bites together, is convinced that Clinton is obsessed with all this because of the Path to 9/11, and because of this. When the Democrats heard that I have an acquaintance with the writer of the movie, they went ballastic. They just lost it, to think that I was involved with it. Cookie has given us a couple sound bites here to sort of illustrate her belief that that’s the case. First one last night, NBC Nightly News weekend edition, a portion of the correspondent Mike Taibbi and his report.
TAIBBI: It’s been a debate that’s picked up steam in recent weeks because of the fifth anniversary of 9/11 and, Clinton said, because of the ABC telemovie about 9/11 that used made up scenes suggesting he let bin Laden get away. It was a movie conservatives like radio’s Rush Limbaugh raved over.
RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s got so much value, historical, dramatic value here.
TAIBBI: Clinton supporters and now Clinton himself, say he tried harder than anyone, including his successor, to get bin Laden.
RUSH: There’s a phrase that Clinton uses. Remember after campaigning in 1992, tax cuts for the middle class, gets into office within a month, says, (paraphrasing) “I’ve worked harder on this than anything I’ve ever worked on in my life. They didn’t tell me the truth about the problems with the budget out there, and I’m sorry, despite how hard I worked I cannot come through with that middle class tax cut, just can’t do it.” There’s a phrase, when he wags the finger, he’s lying. When he wags the finger and he points (doing Clinton impression) “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, not a single time, not ever, I never asked anybody to lie,” he’s wagging that finger the whole time. When he wags that finger at Chris Wallace, he’s lying, lying through this whole thing yesterday. This morning on Fox and Friends, David Rodham Gergen interviewed at the Kennedy School of Government. He’s also editor at large of US News and World Report. Gretchen Carlson said, “You say because you know Bill Clinton so well that you saw this in his personality all the time but the viewers might have been stunned.”
GERGEN: This president feels, as do many of the people around him, that they are being unfairly set up as the people who led us to 9/11. Path to 9/11, they felt on ABC was a wicked distortion of what their record was, and they — and because of the relationship of one of the major individuals in making that show, Path to 9/11, with Rush Limbaugh, they connected up in their minds that, you know, this is the right going after us.
RUSH: (Laughing) I’m just amused. I know I get under their skin. I mean, Clinton way back in, what was it, ’93 when he was flying into St. Louis? Interviewed by KMOX in St. Louis as he’s on Air Force One, flying in to dedicate something at a train station there, and just launched in an attack on me. There’s no truth detector and people at KMOX are not going to respond to any of the lies that I tell. I know they’re obsessed with me. I know they got me on the brain. I knew this. Cookie is right, ever since it became known that I’m an acquaintance with the writer of the show, they probably think I helped write it. Who knows. They probably think it has been a year-long conspiracy in the making. But reaction once again is not true. I mean, their assertion isn’t true. I had nothing to do with the movie, it’s all about them.


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