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RUSH: It’s now official. The New York Yankees will not fire Joe Torre. Joe Torre will come back for the final year of his contract to manage the New York Yankees at $7 million a year. You know, the Yankees kind of remind me of the Democrats — and the media that cover the Yankees remind me of the Drive-By Media that cover the Democrats, in this sense. Every season the template, the prism through which Yankee baseball is covered is: “They gonna win it all. They gonna go to the World Series. They got the best talent money can buy. They’ve got the most expensive payroll. They’ve got the biggest stars — and it’s only a matter of getting to October. It’s a fait accompli.”
Now, the fawning Yankee sports media will really dump on them during the season if they lose here or there, and they’ll dump on individual players, but the whole city of New York — I know this. I have lived there eight years. There is this expectation that the world is not right if the Yankees don’t win and that the season is irrelevant and may as well not even be played if the Yankees don’t win, and it’s sort of like the Drive-By Media covering the Democrats today. “They’re going to win the House and Senate every year and every four years they’re going to win the White House, and if they don’t, there’s something wrong with the world order, something just out of whack. Why, they’ve got the best talent! Why, they’ve got the best people. They’ve got the Ted Kennedys and the Chuck Schumers and the Nancy Pelosis and the Harry Reids! What is wrong? Somebody is stealing these elections from them! Somebody is out there screwing with the Democrats.”
Now, the sports media in New York doesn’t go that far when the Yankees lose. They blame the Yankees. They blame a few players on the Yankees, whereas the Drive-By Media will never, ever blame a Democrat for doing anything wrong. But in terms of the sports media bubble in New York, if the Yankees don’t win… It’s not this way for any other team there, by the way. It’s not this way for the Mets. It’s not this way for the Giants. As a matter of fact it’s just the opposite for the Jets. The football season is not normal unless the Jets finish in the cellar — and when the Jets start doing well, there’s something wrong. Of course, the New York Islanders, that’s the toughest cover in sports, in terms of media. They’re out there on Long Island. But the Rangers haven’t done much lately since they last won the Stanley Cup (1994). The Giants, there is no expectation that the Giants have to win the Super Bowl or the football season is meaningless, but when it comes to the Yankees in baseball, it’s just like the Drive-By Media covering the Democratic Party nationally. So, essentially, the New York Yankees have rehired Howard Dean for next season. (Laughing.)
I’m just kidding. I love Joe Torre. I’m just trying to make an illustration. Torre is a class guy.


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