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RUSH: Snerdley and I were talking about the North Koreans and their test. There is going to be a sanctions vote tomorrow, and once again, ladies and gentlemen, we have been shafted by the Russians and the Chinese. The vote on sanctions is tomorrow, and Fox had a little breaking news story this morning saying that an arms embargo will not be added to UN resolutions. There will be no ban on where the NorComs can fly in the resolution. I mean this is really watered down stuff, to be voted on tomorrow morning.
Now, all of this is supposed to deter North Korea? All of this is supposed to deter Iran? Make no mistake about something on this: The Iranians are watching all this very carefully, just as they were watching the Israeli-Hezbollah war. (They probably started that one just to check everybody’s resolve.) I did an interview with Joel Rosenberg earlier this week for an upcoming issue of the Limbaugh Letter, and Joel, I mean he’s convinced that the ChiComs and the NorComs have an alliance, but he really believes that the North Korea thing is something being sponsored by Iran to test everybody in the world’s reaction to it, just to see if we have the will anymore to stop rogue regimes like this from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Now, it appears that this little Kim Jong Il may be pulling a Saddam Hussein: doesn’t have a weapon yet, trying to make everybody believe that he does. We had Saddam trying to be the big guy, the big anti-American guy in the Middle East, and here’s Kim Jong Il, who “just wants some respect,” and I’m sick and tired of hearing Democrats go on television at night, “Well, he just want some respect! If we would just grant him some respect.”
Why should we have to grant these guys respect? What have they done to earn it? You’ve seen the satellite photo, haven’t you? Rumsfeld showed this picture the other day at a press conference. It’s a nighttime satellite picture. It shows lights blazing all over South Korea.

In North Korea it is entirely dark except for a little pinpoint of light where Kim Jong Il lives, in Pyongyang. It is said that the lights in North Korea have to go off at nine o’clock every night because they just don’t have the electricity. They are a backward, Stone Age country. Journalists that have been over there and have been granted certain access say it is mind-boggling thing to watch North Korean people go about their business. They walk looking at their shoes. They do not make eye contact with one another. They are robotic. They are afraid to stand out. They are deathly afraid of being shot, being killed, imprisoned, or whatever, for looking at something the wrong way. What in the world is it that engenders respect about this regime? Particularly from liberals who I thought were so concerned about human rights! The liberals ought to be leading the charge for reform in places like this, and the Middle East. But once again they’re exposed as the phonies and the hypocrites that they are.

In a way, I can’t help but think that this watered down resolution is a little pathetic. We go to the UN, China and Russia dilute our efforts, and we get nowhere, and yet we keep going there! We don’t have to go there and we ought not go there, but we do, ‘Because we gotta explore all the diplomatic options first before we do anything next.’ Now, my guess is that one of the reasons we might be willing to accept a watered down resolution is because the guy hasn’t really blown up a nuke, that he just, threw essentially some sticks of dynamite in a hole. He probably called the Acme Dynamite Company, probably called the same outfight that Wile E. Coyote calls, and had a box of Acme Dynamite shipped over there, or a couple, and blew them up, because nobody can find any traces of radioactivity — and my guess is that behind the scenes people are sitting around and saying, ‘This really wasn’t a nuclear test, so let’s not overreact and so forth,’ but I think that’s potentially a mistake.


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