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RUSH: Okay, the story is that I’m “out of control.” That’s in the Drive-By Media. The fact is that they’ve devolved into what is an out-of-control, hysterical mob. Here’s what’s really happening with all this, ladies and gentlemen. The Drive-By Media in concert with the Democrat Party are now defending what is a false attack ad against Republican candidates. The Michael J. Fox ad is false. They are defending that ad. They are defending experiments on embryos. They are lying about candidates. They are lying about science. They are the campaign ad production team for the Democrats now. They may as well be, the Drive-By Media, and let me back this up.
Experiments on embryos — that’s exactly what embryonic stem cell research is. There is no evidence that any disease is anywhere near any progress using embryonic stem cells. No disease. Zip, zero, nada. Why do you think there’s no venture capital money or independent market money going into this research? Why do you think that they keep promoting embryonic stem cell research? Why do you think they’ve got the scientific community on it and why do you think things like Amendment 2 in Missouri are on the ballot? They want federal money because they can’t get money anywhere else. They don’t want to go borrow it, the researchers don’t.
They want free federal taxpayer money. That’s what this is about, and you couple this with the sacrament which I described back in the mid-nineties, the sacrament to modern liberalism is abortion. You’re talking embryos. In order to harvest them and get them, you keep alive the entire concept of what abortion is to the left. The campaign ad production team for the Democrat Party now is the Drive-By Media. Their ratings are down. Have you seen the New York Times stock price today? The New York Times stock price has plunged. The circulation of Drive-By Media publications is down. Their profits are down. Why? Because they’ve dropped all pretense of news reporting.
They have openly now joined the ranks of the Democrat Party. They’re not defending Michael J. Fox. Make no mistake about this. They are not defending Michael J. Fox. They are defending abortion, they are defending embryonic stem cell research; they are defending their right to distort issues in a campaign without being challenged. If they really cared about Michael J. Fox as they pretend, to they would be denouncing the manner in which he has been used and exploited for their purposes. They would be attacking the manner in which scientific research is now being politicized. There’s been a tradition in this country of bipartisan approaches to the cure and research into diseases. That has now been turned upside down when it comes to Parkinson’s disease or close to it on Alzheimer’s and with spinal paralysis.

They were thrilled, the Drive-By Media was thrilled when John Edwards lied through his teeth about cures from embryonic stem cell research and how Christopher Reeve would be walking again if only John Kerry were elected. That’s such a sickening lie, but it scored for the Democrats because it was interpreted by people, oh, they care so much, at least they’re going to try, at least they’re going to try; Republicans don’t want Christopher Reeve to ever walk. And that’s the irresponsible, uncalled for message that is the result of politicizing research into disease. The liberal media promoted it. Anything that makes the Democratic Party look angelic, anything that makes the Democratic Party look like what it is not, they will promote to the gills, and they thought it would work again.
But this time someone is standing up to at them, me. This time someone is challenging them, me. This time someone is questioning them, me. They don’t like it. They do not like being challenged. They had a monopoly for years where they get away without ever being challenged. They don’t like it. And rather than accept the challenge, they attempt to destroy and discredit those who stand up to them. Let’s review some obvious recent history. The media in this country lied about hurricane Katrina and the aftermath — and they gave themselves Pulitzer Prizes for doing so. They lie constantly about the status of the Iraq war. They lied about Karl Rove in the Valerie Plame matter. They not only lied about Bush’s National Guard records, they engaged in a conspiracy to create forged documents to further what they knew was a lie.
The Drive-By Media lies constantly about the economy. They lie about our judicial nominees. They lie about John Bolton. They lie about Donald Rumsfeld. They lie about Condoleezza Rice. They lie about Dick Cheney. They will lie about anybody who gets in their way. They lie about Halliburton. They lie about oil profits. They lie about tax cuts and how they are effective. They lie about practically everything. They carry the water for the Democrat Party. They carry the water for liberal elites, for anti-capitalists in the environmentalist movement and elsewhere. They carry the water for the appeasement crowd, the socialist elites in Western Europe. When someone stands up to them and questions them in their tactics, they try to intimidate and destroy.
Just think. Think about the last three days. There are literally hundreds of stories over the last three days about me. They’re not focused on the phony science involving embryos. They’re not focused on any aspect of the issue that the ad that Michael J. Fox produced attempts to persuade people about. They’re not focusing on it. I wonder why? Because they know it’s not a winning issue. The only way it’s a winning issue is if nobody stands up to the ad. The only way it’s a winning issue if nobody challenges the lie and the misrepresentation that they put forth in the ad. For three days, we’ve had news stories about me. No focus on the phony science involving the embryos.

They’re not focused on the dirty trick of running these ads at the last minute in close races. They’re not focused on the fact that they are lying about the records of these Republicans. There’s nothing substantive in any of the news the past three days about the flap over this ad of Michael J. Fox. They will not even quote Michael J. Fox from his own book about how he doesn’t or does take his meds based on the outcome he desires is before whatever group he’s speaking. They pretend that these campaign ads — and that’s what these are. These are Democrat campaign ads, folks. This is the next thing that I want to make a point about.
They pretend that these campaign ads are untouchable news stories, that Michael J. Fox is a nonpartisan advocate suffering the horrors and the ravages of horrible disease, and as such he’s nonpartisan, he has no political stake. But yet every one of his ads is run for the benefit of a Democrat, even in Maryland whether the Democrat beneficiary of the Michael J. Fox ad voted against exactly what Michael J. Fox advocates in the ad. That would be Benjamin Cardin. Let me tell you something about how these political campaign ads get put together. They don’t just happen. Claire McCaskill is out there saying her phone rang one day. It was Michael J. Fox, “Hey, I’d like to come in and help you.”
She would love for us to believe that, but the way these political campaign ads are put together, they don’t just happen. These aren’t ads by some nonprofit, health related organization. These are ads paid for by Democrat campaigns. This ad is not paid for by a Parkinson’s disease foundation, for example. These ads are scripted, written by Democrat campaigns. The Democrat campaigns hire the directors, they hire the producers. They hire the writers. The Democrat campaign determines who will be in the ad, the music behind the ad, the scenery in the ad. The Republicans do the same thing, don’t misunderstand. But (the Democrats) want us to look at these ads differently. They want us to think these ads are PSAs, almost. Public service announcements run by somebody who has nothing to do with the Democratic Party. Michael J. Fox, independent guy, coming in. “Hey, I want to help out.” These ads are every bit as much Democrat ads as the ad back in 1960 that depicted Barry Goldwater blowing up the world while a little girl was picking daisies. They are scripted by Democrats. Democrat campaigns hired the directors. They work with Michael J. Fox on deciding how he will appear in the ad. Make no mistake about this, because he has a choice.
He just said in the sound bite he was actually overmedicated when he did the ads. I leave the conclusion and meaning of that to you. I’m through speculating on this. I’ll I’m telling you is I know how campaign ads are put together. The Democrat campaigns decided for whatever reason they wanted Michael J. Fox to appear the way he does in the ads and the same way he appeared when he testified before the Senate. Why? It’s powerful? It has the most impact, there’s no question, if it’s not challenged, if it’s not commented on, if it plays as they intended it to you. Sneak these ads in, one or two, three, four airings during the World Series in local markets, and then go on to another state and do it there.
That’s what they intended. Now the whole thing has blown up nationally and there is attention focused on the substance of the issue that they never, ever intended. These ads, make no mistake about it, are Democrat Party campaign ads. They are not the ads of a Parkinson’s foundation. Now, the media wants you to believe that these are public service ads, nonpolitical, nonpartisan, objective ads. They want you to believe that none of this is contrived. They don’t want you to know how the process works. They don’t want you to know who is behind it, and what kind of thinking goes into it. They’re now demanding that you and I roll over, that we cower over the effectiveness of these ads and take our losses in these close campaigns. That’s what they demand. I’m not going to do that, and you’re not, either — and, by the way, I note from your e-mails you haven’t been cowed at all, and I applaud you for that.

RUSH: Look, folks, the media can attack me all they want, they can play you for fools all they want, they can try to promote the Democrats and embryonic stem cell research, the rest of their left wing agenda all they want, but they do so now at a price. They do not get away with it without comment or challenge anymore. There is no monopoly any longer. They don’t get to decide elections without a fight. They don’t get to mock Republican presidents and Republican candidates without a fight. They don’t get to push a left-wing agenda without a fight. They don’t get to undermine our war effort without a fight. Those days are over.
The liberal media are having a hissy fit over it and they have been for over 18 years, at least 16 when they figured out what was happening. They cannot come to grips with the fact that they don’t own it anymore. They cannot come to grips with the fact that they don’t set the agenda and they don’t know how to compete. All they know how to do is distort, discredit, and destroy. They tell us this election is over months before a single vote is cast. Sorry. That offends me. I haven’t voted yet, nor has anybody else. They are not going to tell me the election is over before a single vote’s cast. They’re not going to tell me the election is over when they count exit polls.
They are wrong. They tell us we’ve lost in Iraq while 140,000 brave soldiers are over fighting the enemy. They are wrong. They tell us that Mark Foley represents us. They are wrong. They tell us we are supposed to think and believe what they want us to think and believe. Not any longer. They demand that we adhere to their agenda and to their views or they will mock us, smear us, try to destroy us. Ask George Allen. Ask Michael Steele. Ask Rick Santorum. Ask Denny Hastert. Ask Tom DeLay. Ask Newt Gingrich. Ask Dick Cheney. Ask Rumsfeld. Ask Ed Meese. Ask George W. Bush. Ask Karl Rove.
Ask anybody who achieves power over these people, and you will confirm what I am saying. They will destroy, mock, smear anybody who beats them, because they don’t know how to deal with it. Anyone who dares to stand up to them, anyone who dares to challenge them, to actually practice conservatism, defend liberty, faith, the constitutional, capitalism, those people become the targets of the wrath of the Drive-By Media. But it’s a new day, ladies and gentlemen. This whole flap over the Michael J. Fox ad illustrates that it’s a new day. We will not be intimidated. I’m not going to cower. I’m not going to abide their demands, and I’m not going to be silenced or intimidated by the way they lie and misrepresent what is said on this program.
Because one thing I know: 20 million people a week hear what I say on this program. Those 20 million watch the embarrassing antics of people in the Drive-By Media who do not listen to this program, purposely mischaracterizing what is said here. Guess who loses? The Drive-By Media. They lose credibility. They lose a number of things. My faith in you and my confidence in you is what propels me. You can ask any of my friends. “Are you bugged by this?” No, I know my audience. They know the truth, and I got the biggest audience around. They know what’s going on. I got 20 million warriors with me, 20 million supporters. I don’t care what these nabobs that don’t even know what they’re talking about write in and say. One other thing, folks: they’re out there claiming that they are upset about people making fun of others.
Don’t believe it. George Clooney makes fun of Charlton Heston. These people on the left make fun of more disadvantaged people, make fun of the very people they think should be protected. They’re out there making fun of them left and right. The problem is when the tables get turned on them. They think the tables have been turned. They don’t like that. They were not upset over what Mark Foley did, not for a minute. That didn’t bother them. Hell, they support it! They have advocated support for far worse than what Foley did. They made a hero out of somebody who actually had sex with a page. They just see these events as opportunities to smear and destroy, but they don’t succeed. It’s taken them three days to try to get me and they haven’t made headway.


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