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RUSH: I want to make an apology here. You have number seven from the audio sound bite roster ready to go? All right, let her rip.
FOX: The symptoms that I had in the ad that I did, that’s called dyskinesia, and that’s actually from too much medication.
RUSH: Okay, I need to apologize, I was wrong because I speculated either he didn’t take his medication or he was acting. I never said the word faking. Now, if you people on the left want to equate acting with faking, I mean, go ahead, George Clooney would be a faker, all your favorite actors, we’ll call them fakers. I never used the word. But I was wrong. He did take his medications. Now he took too much medication.
The point is, he did something differently to appear in this ad than when he appears on Boston Legal. And that was my first human reaction. “Whoa! I’ve never seen this. I have not seen this before.” Now I gather, from the past three days, that we are to believe that this is the normal condition that poor Mr. Fox has to live with each and every day. That’s the impression that they’re leaving, is it not? That this is how his life is now, but he himself said he took too much medication. He didn’t do that when he went on Boston Legal, but it happened for the taping of this ad. I think the reason for that is so you would really, really hate Republicans, because Republicans don’t want to cure it. Jim Talent doesn’t care. Michael Steele doesn’t care. No one in the Republican Party cares. They don’t want to cure these things. They’re happy, in fact, to see people suffer like Mr. Fox is in this ad.

RUSH: Let’s go to the phones, people have been patiently waiting. We’ll start in Cleveland. This is Bruce. Nice to have you on the program, sir, hi.
CALLER: Good afternoon. I listen to you every day, and so does my wife. And something caught my ear just a little a while ago, you were a little incredulous about Michael J. Fox saying that too much medication may cause Parkinson’s symptoms?
RUSH: I wasn’t incredulous about that aspect of it.
RUSH: This is how this stuff gets started.
CALLER: No, it just caught my ear and so I called in. My wife has Parkinson’s plus, and it’s a more virulent form of Parkinson’s, and it’s quite — it’s terminal, as a matter of fact, but a lot of people don’t understand what it is and so I just thought I’d pass some information along like — it all has to do with dopamine, and —
RUSH: Well, now, wait. We’ve been through this. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to cut you short here, but the shortage of dopamine, or the absence of it, I know is one of the problems. What were you going to talk about medication-wise? That’s what I thought you were going to talk about.
CALLER: Okay, the medication that they use, if you use too much of it, it’s toxic, and it does cause tremors.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: By itself.
RUSH: And if you use too little, what happens?
CALLER: It’s the same thing.
RUSH: Okay, well, I think I mentioned this yesterday. I’m being inundated with e-mails from doctors and neurosurgeons and a number of people, and I don’t often share e-mails because anybody can write and claim to be anybody and anything. So these e-mails run the gamut. But I’m hearing what you have said, too much medication, and Michael Fox admitted that he had too much medication when he shot the ad.
All I know is that the way he appears in the ad, I’ve never seen him anywhere else. In fact, when he went up to do the public appearance for Tammy Duckworth he didn’t appear that way with her as he does in the ads. We observe what we observe, ladies and gentlemen. And as I said mere moments ago, and I will happily repeat it, I apologize for saying he didn’t take his meds. Instead, he took too much medication. But he didn’t do this when he went on Boston Legal, and he didn’t do this when he was with Tammy Duckworth earlier this week on a public appearance fund-raiser.

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