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RUSH: You gotta listen to this, folks. This was this morning on PMSNBC. They’re running their week-long telethon to cure the nation of the evil disease known as the Republican majority. Norah O’Donnell, about whom I used to say her bathwater couldn’t possibly stink, I have since retracted that, she’s talking with NBC’s reporter Rosalyn Jordan about my interview with President Bush.

Now, they were watching yesterday, obviously, they had the interview with President Bush, and the President Bush interview was taped. So I was sitting in here listening to it with you, Dittocam was on, and they’re watching me listen to the interview with Bush, and they comment on this. This is Norah O’Donnell. She says, ‘We heard the president yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh program hitting the Senator Kerry thing pretty hard. This is before Senator Kerry apologized, but let’s just take a quick listen to what he says.’ So she rolls the Dittocam tape, and I am puffing away on my cigar at this moment, as I am doing now. This is a little exchange that she had with the infobabe Rosalyn Jordan.

O’DONNELL: It’s great to see Rush Limbaugh smoking on his stogie there in his conversation — (laughing)

JORDAN: I don’t know if that’s the message you want to send to your kids at home, to smoke on the radio.

O’DONNELL: But anyway, moving on —

RUSH: How would you interpret that, Mr. Snerdley? You’re an expert on women. Dawn, you’re a bigger expert on women. How would you interpret that? It’s great to see Rush Limbaugh smoking on his stogie there. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. And then, the real thing I wanted to comment on was the reporter Rosalyn Jordan, ‘Not a message you want to send to your kids at home, smoke on the radio.’ Rosalyn, I don’t have kids at home or anywhere else — that I know of.

Just kidding, Brian. They roll their eyes at some of the things I say, but you know something, Rosalyn, I would much rather have kids at home or anywhere else watch and listen to my program than listen to the bilge that the Drive-By Media is putting out about this country and the US military and some of the other things and the president of the United States. I sure as hell wouldn’t want my kids to sit in and watch and listen to the daily insults that media people throw out at George W. Bush each and every day. I’d much rather have them watching me enjoy a fine handmade product, and they roll these things in various parts of the female body. Ladies, you’ve heard the story about how cigars are made.


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