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RUSH: Heather in the Claremont, Oklahoma, welcome to the EIB Network. Welcome.
CALLER: Hello. How are you?
RUSH: Good, thank you, how are you?
CALLER: Pretty good. Pretty good. I have a question for you. It kind of goes in line with your little diner with the nurses, the sexy nurses in the —
RUSH: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don’t call this place a diner. This is the Heart Attack Grill.
CALLER: Heart Attack Grill, okay. Well, I live in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we have an issue where there’s a haircutting place for men in Tulsa called Eye Candy Cuts, and the haircutters dress sexy, short skirts, high heels, thigh-high stockings, you name it. Of course the neighbors are upset about it, even though you can’t see into the business when they’re cutting hair, you can’t see —
RUSH: Wait, I want to understand this. The name of this business, the name of this establishment is Eye Candy Haircuts?
CALLER: Correct.
RUSH: And it’s for men, it’s a barbershop?
CALLER: It’s for men. Correct. So now they have a group that is lobbying the state board to try and get the dress codes for hairstylists to be changed so that they’re covered from shoulder to knee.
RUSH: You see how wound we are? We’re just wound so damn tight. You wonder why people don’t realize we have an enemy that’s trying to wipe us out, they get upset about this?
CALLER: I know.
RUSH: This is just —
CALLER: I just thought you would get a kick out of hearing this and to let you know that it’s not just in Arizona, that it has actually made it to the heartland.
RUSH: Let me tell you something out there, Heather. This is not new. Businesses have been doing this forever. Ever heard of the Playboy clubs?
CALLER: Exactly.
RUSH: This is not new. It has been going on since biblical times. It’s been going on since caveman days.
CALLER: I know.
RUSH: This is just human nature. There’s nothing more than entrepreneurism. But we’re wound so tight that we can’t objectify these haircutters by dressing them this way. Of course nobody’s worried about the insult it is to men.
RUSH: Nobody worries about that. Oh, the best way to get a man to part with his money is to show him a little titillation.
CALLER: There you go. Show a little leg.
RUSH: Well, if I were one of these wound too tight little SOBs I’d be leading a movement to stop this on the basis it’s offensive to men, it’s objectifying and it’s stereotyping us. This is absurd.
RUSH: It’s obscene. People just… Nobody has a sense of humor anymore.
CALLER: No, they don’t.
RUSH: And if somebody’s having a good time then somebody needs the Fun Police to show up and stop it. As long as nobody else is having a good time, nobody can have a good time.
CALLER: That’s right. Exactly. I just thought that would be a good story for you to tell.
RUSH: Let me ask you a question, Heather. How many women have tried to get into this place to get their hair cut, just to see the competition?
CALLER: They actually did a little story on it on the news, and pretty much anybody can go in there and get their haircut, as long as they’re not a child. If they’re over 18, they can go in and get their haircut.
RUSH: Sounds fair to me. It doesn’t sound like they’re discriminating at all.
CALLER: You know, as long as they leave a tip. (Laughing.) They can get their haircut.
RUSH: You know, that’s good because we had this story yesterday of the four-year-old sexual predator who’s been charged with sexual harassment at some school for, you know, basically trying to hug the teacher’s aide.
CALLER: Oh, yeah.
RUSH: All right, Heather. Thanks for the call. Thanks for the heads up.
CALLER: You’re welcome.
RUSH: Appreciate it. We’ll be back and continue. She didn’t take a breath in that whole phone call, did you notice that?

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