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RUSH: Here’s a headline from LifeNews.com:
Hair Follicle Cells Offer Embryonic Stem Cell Research Alternative — Scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin have found what may be another alternative to embryonic stem cells.” Embryonic stem cells are not an “alternative.” There’s nothing there! But I digress. They have found that “adult stem cells from hair follicles, which don’t involve the destruction of human life to obtain, are different from other types of skin cells. The researchers recently identified the molecular signature of hair follicle stem cells called epidermal neural crest stem cells. The college says the study resolves conflicting scientific opinions by showing that these cells are distinctly different from other types of skin-resident stem cells.”
Now, who is this woman? Maya Sieber-Blum did the study. She “points out that the hair follicle cells may also be useful to treat Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Hirschsprung’s disease, stroke, peripheral neuropathies and ALS. Certain defects of the heart, and bone defects could also be treated through neural crest stem cell replacement therapy,” which is the hair follicles. Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s? Hmm. Interesting! Ladies and gentlemen, I actually think we need to start a new movement, conflict-free stem cells. I mean, hell’s bells, we’re moving around out there conflict-free diamonds! Why not conflict-free stem cells? Think the entertainment community, the Hollywood left and the left in general would associate themselves with the conflict-free stem cell movement?

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