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RUSH: (story) “Russia, in March, will start delivering nuclear fuel for a plant that it is building in Iran, the head of the state company in charge of the project said Monday.” Now, I thought that Iran was a country rich in oil and in fuel. The head of the outfit here, Sergei Shmatko, “said during a trip to Tehran that he and Iranian officials had discussed financial problems related to the completion of the nuclear plant in Iran’s southern port of Bushehr… Shmatko said his company would start preparations in January for nuclear fuel deliveries to Bushehr, and begin actual shipments in March, six months ahead of the physical launch of the Bushehr nuclear reactor.”
Sometimes does it just seem to you that the Cold War is all of a sudden rekindling? There’s a lot of scary stuff going on out there. I mentioned this earlier. (story) “The gathering of Holocaust deniers in Iran has touched off a firestorm of indignation Tuesday across Europe where many countries have made it a crime to publicly disavow the Nazis’ systematic extermination of six million Jews.” David Duke, of course, is out there saying that, “Ah, you couldn’t have possibly killed that many. There weren’t any gas chambers at these places.” David Duke was the lone American. There are even some Jewish people at this thing who think Israel ought to not be where it is and they’re just obsessed with guilt. Here’s the thing. I know the world is reacting, but what’s the world doing?
Here is Iran ramping up the nukes, here is Iran’s president routinely threatening to wipe Israel off the map one way or the other. And what does the world do? Issues condemnations. Tony Blair says, “I’m shocked and surprised. How could anybody, how could anybody think this?” What’s your first clue, Tony? Have you not been paying attention to this guy for the last two years when he’s been running the show? The US offers condemnations; state department offers condemnations, shock and outrage all over the world. Yip yip yip yip yahoo! You think shock and outrage statements are going to intimidate people like those who attended the Holocaust-Didn’t-Happen Convention in Tehran? You know, there’s an anti-Semitism that is renewed around the world, particularly in Western Europe.

The United Nations is the repository for anti-Semitism in the world today, and there is a passivity, not just in this country but around the world to evil. There is a fear of confronting it, an overall sense of guilt that says, “Hey, you know, they may have some legitimate grievances and who are we to tell them they can’t do what they want. Who are we to tell them they can’t?” When people are unwilling to stand up for justice and what’s right; when people are afraid to say that there is such a thing as justice; when people are afraid to even proclaim that there is something that’s right versus something that’s wrong; when people are unwilling to even admit that something is evil, evil wins!
The Baker-Hamilton group wanted to talk with Iran and Syria. In light of this, I wonder if they’re still thinking we should go talk to Iran, what possible benefit would there be? Every time you negotiate with evil, evil wins, folks. Evil is not to be negotiated with. It’s not to be appeased. It’s not to be accepted; but a people who have become passive and a people who have become accepting on the basis that we’re all peoples, and we’re all entitled to our opinions, and we’re all entitled to our views, and who am I to say to somebody that they’re wrong?
I sense a festering pimple, a wart, if you will, with more and more people aligning themselves on this side of the situation. I’m just going to make a prediction to you like I did last hour. Despite all this outrage expressed by world leaders and despite all these laws in Europe that say you can go to prison if you deny the Holocaust, this is going to now give fuel and energy to a militant Muslim population around the world to expand on this, to give it credence, to accept it, to give it the stamp of authority and approval, and this is not going to remain an isolated incident that just took place in Tehran. As long as there are people who are afraid to stand up and call this for what it is and to recognize it for what it is and to be prepared to deal with it for what it is, then this is going to spread. The people behind spreading it are going to precisely take advantage of the passivity and the intimidation that they have created out there and allow themselves to continue to make these wild statements to ramp up nuclear programs, to have arrangements with people like Hugo Chavez and the ChiComs and the Russians and so forth.

Meanwhile, we can sit there and say, “Well, you know, it’s a new world today, and who are we to tell ’em they can’t? Let Israel handle it,” or what have you. I have a fear that people don’t want to be uncomfortable, and they’ll sit around and say, “Ah, this stuff is never going to happen here. Let the Middle East blow over. It’s just going to happen over there. It doesn’t affect me. I don’t care about any of this. I’ve got other things to do. Blockbuster is going to be busy Friday night and I’ve gotta be first in line,” or what have you. Mark my words on this, folks: this Holocaust-Didn’t-Happen Convention, we’re going to be hearing about it in expanded form. Look at what I told you earlier this week about what’s going on in Ukraine involving stem cells, embryonic stem cells. They’re not just killing babies in the womb to get their stem cells; they are killing babies after they are born.
I didn’t give you half the details because it’s so gruesome. But tomorrow’s Morning Update is going to be on that. Here you have a circumstance. I wonder what Claire McCaskill and Michael J. Fox think about what’s going on in Ukraine, because that’s what they’re advocating here, hardly much difference. They want to go get stem cells from embryos. They want to decide who lives and dies based on convenience of the living, and especially under a false premise. Embryonic stem cells have shown zilch, zero, nada in any research, ever. Meanwhile, the evidence continues to pour in how adult stem cells are showing great promise. I’ve got such a story somewhere here in the Stack of Stuff. So you’ve got almost a mini-Holocaust that’s been reborn in Ukraine, and there are people all over the world eager to accept the benefits. “Oh, my gosh, you know, I have a disease, too! Let me know if you find out anything after you’ve killed those babies.” What’s going on in Iran and the everyday threat now to wipe Israel off the map and the civilized world just says, “We’re outraged.”

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