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RUSH: I mentioned yesterday David Duke was over in Iran attending the Holocaust-Didn’t-Happen Convention sponsored by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and I said, “If you listen to David Duke, you can’t tell the difference between him and Jimmy Carter,” and a lot of people wrote me, “You can’t say that! David Duke has become… You can’t say that!” Yes, I can, and now I’m going to prove it. We have two side-by-side comparisons. First up, David Duke yesterday on PMSNBC live with Rita Cosby. She said, “The president of Iran just said a short time ago that the Zionist regime will soon be wiped out. Do you understand why that’s so offensive to so much of the world?”
DUKE: What he said was that the Zionist government, a government that oppresses and has ethnically cleansed the Palestinian people, that commits torture, that’s invaded Lebanon, that commits human rights violations and that, by the way, has led America to disaster in Iraq pause we’re in Iraq — America is in Iraq because the Jewish extremist neocons have brought us into Iraq.
RUSH: Now, do I even need to play Jimmy Carter for you? I will, but Jimmy Carter is out there talking about the neocons and how Israel is responsible for us being in Iraq. So he was on The Tonight Show. (Jay Leno, what are you thinking? You have a comedy show there, and you’ve got Jimmy Carter?) By the way, Jimmy Carter was in Tempe, Arizona today to sign his book and a lot of protesters showed up, which is healthy news. So here’s Jimmy Carter, and Jay Leno was interviewing Jimmy Carter about apartheid.
CARTER: I don’t want to see Apartheid, but in Palestinian territory there’s horrible persecution of the Palestinians who live on their own land. They have occupied the land, they have confiscated, they’ve colonized it and they’ve forced Palestinians away from their homes, away from their pastures, away from their fields, cut down their olive trees and severely persecuted the Palestinians.

RUSH: David Duke, Jimmy Carter: you can’t tell the difference. By the way, this business of cutting down the olive trees? I’m sorry, Jimmuh, but it’s the other way around. If anybody desecrated the mountain of olives, it was the Palestinians — in one of the wars. This is just caca. But we’ve got two more. David Duke blaming the Jewish lobby for preventing criticism of Israel.
DUKE: Why should we be supporting Israel which has violated every nuclear idea, they have nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction. Iran has been a member of the atomic energy inspection, allowed inspections, and yet Israel allows none. We have a double standard because of the Jewish lobby and its power over the American government.
RUSH: Here is Tim Russert asking Jimmy Carter about the Jewish lobby. He says, I read your book. This struck me, particularly from somebody in political life. You went on to say, “There’s no doubt there’s a stronger version to criticizing Israel in this country. I wouldn’t say it’s all because of intimidation, but that’s one factor.”
CARTER: It’s almost completely unacceptable in this country for any public official to criticize the policies of Israel, even if they are horribly abusive against the Palestinians. (Unintelligible). The Jewish lobby may be part of it.
RUSH: David Duke. Jimmy Carter.

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