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RUSH: You know, ladies and gentlemen, throughout my sterling, star-studded, notorious broadcast career, I have repeatedly said over and over again I am not a journalist and don’t ever call me one, primarily because I laugh, and I smile, and I enjoy life, and I’m not looking for chaos and crisis, nor am I trying to destroy anybody or ruin their lives, or any of that. But there’s another reason why I should never, ever let anybody call me or refer to me as a journalist. Gallup has just completed its Annual Ethics and Honesty Survey, journalists again bring it up at the bottom of the list.
(story) For the eighth straight year, nurses top the list, 84% of the public giving them very high or high marks for ethics, nurses. See, I told you nurses, you had nothing to worry about with the Heart Attack Grill thing going on. In fact, it’s going to be a net plus. The next four finishers scoring from 73 to 62% positive are also in the medical field: pharmacists, vets, doctors, and dentists, followed closely by engineers, college teachers, clergy, and policemen. This is the annual ethics and honesty survey from Gallup. Now, how can this be when everybody thinks they’re being ripped off in the health care industry? At the other end, only 7% rate the ethics of car salesmen highly, advertising salesmen score 11% — believe me, that’s high — HMO managers 12%, insurance salesmen 13%, and congressman 14%, senators are at 15%. Just 26% of the American people give journalists high or very high marks for ethics, 48% say that they are average, 25% say low or very low.
Democrats rate the honesty of media workers more highly than Republicans by a 36-17% margin. I wonder why? Democrats also give college teachers high marks, 71%, compared to only 48% from Republicans, which makes total sense. Because Republicans and conservatives know that college teachers are not teachers; they’re indoctrination experts. They’re not teaching anything, they are indoctrinating. They’re taking these young skulls full of mush and basically poisoning them out there. Republican parents who had what they thought were nice, normal, pretty good future ahead of them kids, after one year home from the university don’t recognize them, they may as well come from Area 51.

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