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RUSH: Some of the North Carolina media erred yesterday in reporting that the accuser — see, I keep wanting to use the word I first used to describe this woman, but I’m not going to. I was right, but I’m not going to go there again. The North Carolina media said she gave birth. She’s pregnant, but she hasn’t given birth. The DA, good old Mike Nifong said no, no, no, she — she’s going to give birth in February. She got pregnant two weeks after the alleged rapes.
Now, to me the media got something wrong here, but the bigger “uh-oh,” is Nifong said, “Yeah, she got pregnant two weeks after she was raped by these lacrosse players.” This goes against everything I, as a sensitive American male, have been taught about women who are gang raped. What I have been taught ever since Susan Brownmiller’s book on rape, which I once bought for a feminist trying to get to first base; I never got out of the batter’s box. Her loss. What I have been taught is that gang rape, any rape is not a sexual event at all. It is utter predatory violence, and it leaves emotional scars that last years.
A gang rape that took place with these college kids, these lacrosse players, inside of what, 12 minutes, should have left this woman, according to what I’ve been told by the feminists and everybody else, so, so emotionally scared and out of sorts that the idea of having sex two weeks later would just not be possible, unless, of course, the self-loathing angle is presented. But yet after this alleged gang rape, the accuser is out there procreating and adding to the human race.
As I say, it doesn’t jibe with everything I’ve been taught since the seventies about what happens to women, and by the way, I’m not saying I don’t believe what I’ve been taught. I think the trauma of being raped has gotta be among the biggest traumas there is. So where was it in this woman’s case? That, my friends, is what I am provocatively asking.

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