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RUSH: Snerdley, you’re a big Cowboys fan. Okay. Tell me: T.O. spits on the defensive back for the Atlanta Falcons, DeAngelo Hall. (interruption) Snerdley’s excusing it! “The guy was in his face and wouldn’t let…”
You walk away. You walk away! You don’t spit on somebody!
Of course, I was watching the pointless ESPN pre-game show yesterday, and the mock outrage from these guys, Michael Irvin and Tom Jackson. Really, five-minute lectures on how spitting on somebody is bad and there’s no place for it in football. You can knock somebody to hell. You can cream ’em. You can bury ’em. You can break their neck.
You don’t spit on them, or you’ll get lectured.
Yeah, T.O. apologized. Well, of course T.O. apologized. I’m just telling you, bad news ahead here on the T.O. front. You asked me earlier in the season — and I don’t know if it’s this season or not, but it’s not going to be good. Just mark my words.

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