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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi is going to have a four-day inauguration gala. “Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi has big, expensive plans for commemorating her ascension to the head of the House of Representatives in early January. She has slated a four-day gala of pomp and circumstance that will make the installation of Pope Benedict XVI seem absolutely skimpy by comparison.” I’m reading this, a column written by John Lillpop at the CanadaFreePress.com. “To begin with, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Labor Council delegation of 50 people will be flying to Washington to participate in the first coronation of a queen in American history, excepting only the first swearing in ceremony for Barney Frank several years ago,” this guy writes. Again, this is John Lillpop of Canada Free Press. I’m now quoting.
“San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom plans to be in Washington, D.C., as well, and this icon of decency and rule of law will perform emergency weddings for any same-sex couples that just cannot wait. Provide proof that you voted Democrat in at least five successive elections, and Da Mayor will throw in an autographed picture of Mark Foley at no extra charge. The main event is scheduled for noon on January 4, when the U.S. House meets to elect Pelosi in a formal process expected to take several hours. On the evening of January 4, Pelosi will be honored at a concert/fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Admittance…$15,000.”
Now, ladies and gentlemen, the last two presidential inaugurations and all the attending inaugural balls and so forth, we have been treated to story after story after story about how too expensive it is. “Couldn’t that money be better spent somewhere else?” And then we found out, no, these are corporate contributors and political contributors. “Well, couldn’t they give their money to something else? Why does it have to be so expensive? Why do we have to go into such pomp and circumstance? It’s just over the top.” None of that will be said about Nancy Pelosi’s coronation.
And what about all these new ethics? Did you see where Pelosi wants to farm out the ethics committee now to an independent group of people? And people are going to jump on that, “Ooh, that’s really a good idea! I really, really like that.” If you think anything is going to seriously come of that, even if they do it, you have another think coming. There is no member of the political class that will purposely and willingly set up a committee as its premise the removal of said political elite from office. They’re just not going to do it. They’ll have just the opposite, whether it’s run internally or externally. But what about this new push for ethics and deemphasizing lobbyists and their role? Who in the hell has $15,000 to pay to go to this? Who would want to? Seriously. Who would want to pay $15,000 to see a speaker of the House sworn in and then go to a bunch of parties that are going to be taking place? Over four days. Do it. I don’t care if people do want to pay for it but the fact is that I’d be very surprised if — besides, this is going to Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, $15,000. What’s the price of the ticket, one buck? And the tax is $14,999 or something, as the columnist writes, to keep the homeless out, you have to put the price up pretty high.

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