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RUSH: Poor little Katie Couric was in Esquire magazine last week, complaining that there are vultures out there. She admits that her new gig as anchor at the CBS Evening News has been “a little harder than she thought it would be,” quote, unquote. “Some people out there are rooting for me to fail,” she said to the guys at Esquire in the January issue. “You have to be unwavering in your convictions that you’re doing something good because there are a lot of circling vultures that will eat you alive.”
In Esquire in November, she said, “You guys even take a shot at me. You have something in the September issue, something about how since I’ve become an anchor, you don’t know me anymore. You don’t know me anymore? Bite me.” Now, here’s what’s interesting about this. Here is Katie Couric who herself is a circling vulture. When she ran the Today Show, she was one of these people. Take a look at how she treated various guests of different political persuasions. To say that there are people out there that root for her to fail? I hate to bring myself up in this, but, for crying out loud!
How about George W. Bush? How do you think he feels? Katie, what is it with you liberals, that you are exempt? You know, what if Barack Obama actually got the kind of press that most everybody else gets: anal probe, examining, turning over every rock, looking under every stone, not this fawning puff piece stuff? How long would it take him to crumble? We don’t know, but I’ll guarantee you he would be shocked and stunned and surprised, but for the anchorette of the CBS Evening News to be complaining about “circling vultures,” hoping she fails?
Yeah! Brian Williams and Charlie Gibson, for two.

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