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“Can you believe, Evan Bayh pulled out? My gosh, I was stunned! (Laughing.) He was never in! Really? No kidding! Evan who?”
“TIME Magazine caved. They have destroyed the whole franchise of Person of the Year — and I think it was a joke for the longest time anyway.”
“Let’s see, World War II didn’t quite go as long as this war, but what was the total American casualties, deaths and so forth in World War II? Try 300,000.”
“There never was an era where there was really fair and pure, constant 100% sportsmanship. It’s never existed.”
“The Democrats have done everything they can to try to make sure 9/11 vanishes from memory.”
“I liked The Nativity Story. I was affected by it. It established, even more so, the Christmas season for me. That’s The Nativity Story.”
“Here comes Nancy Pelosi, who, to me — and I’m going to be very honest — I have yet to see any demonstration of substantive, deep intelligence. To me, Nancy Pelosi needs some gravitas. Nancy Pelosi needs some weight.”
“T.O. spits on the defensive back for the Atlanta Falcons, DeAngelo Hall. The guy was in his face and wouldn’t leave? Well, you walk away. You don’t spit on somebody.”
“Sometimes I just feel like singing along with the Christmas Music bumper music instead of doing the program.”
“So Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t work at Wal-Mart. She is on the board of Chicago company where its biggest customer is Wal-Mart, while her husband is out doing everything in the world along with the Democrats to destroy it. More hypocrisy — not that that’s going to convince anybody of anything.”

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