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RUSH: Here’s David, Tampa, Florida. Dave, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you with us.
CALLER: Hey, Rush! It’s an honor and a pleasure to speak to you. First-time caller.
RUSH: Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
CALLER: Yeah, I just wanted to talk about the grumpy grams you’re getting about the Allen Brothers gift you gave away, and first of all I think that you use every product that you promote on your program, and I have tried several of them, and they’re always good, like you say they are. But in the case with Allen Brothers, it’s a product that’s probably a little pricey. I haven’t ordered any yet, but even if it is, you have a certain percentage of your audience that can afford that and will buy it at will, and possibly you have somebody else in the audience that will use it on a special occasion. But I thought it was a good point to give it to someone who may be couldn’t afford it, and once they try it, and really enjoy the product, if it’s at all anything like you say it is —
RUSH: It is.

CALLER: — then they’ll get the point. I’m sure it is, and I’ll be trying some. But I think that maybe he’ll get together with four or five buds and say, “Hey, we need to get some of this stuff one week or one month you’ll get the steaks, I’ll get the hot dogs and next month we’ll split it up,” and maybe you’ll reach another market share.
RUSH: Well, I appreciate your thought. I really do. Let me comment on a couple things that you said. You said that it’s pricey and that some people in this audience wouldn’t be able to afford it or would make the decision not to pay for it even if they can afford it simply because it seems a little excessive, when you can save money up for other reasons and so forth. I totally understand that. By the way, this is just information. Do not interpret this as whining or moaning or complaining, because I don’t do that. But I’ve gotten e-mails from people who have taken my advice and gone to the Allen Brothers website, which is ABSteaks.com, and they’ve said, “My God, Rush, who do you think we are? We can’t afford this, blah, blah, blah, blah?” and I’m sitting there saying, “What am I supposed to do? Am I not supposed to advertise something because some people can’t afford it?” These people have come to me; they have a rare product. The reason it’s expensive is because there’s not much of this quality of beef made available to the whole country. It’s just because most of the beef from your average steer or cow is not the best quality, and that’s true in any product. There’s always an element of it that’s going to be better than something else, and a commodity especially. You’ve got different size eggs, you’ve got all kinds of things. At any rate, the people who have tried it, feedback has been wonderful.
The guy that I gave the gift pack to on Friday, what irritated people was that they thought he was a seminar caller setting me up. They thought I got fooled and duped by the guy, and they don’t like it, especially if they think the guy is a seminar caller. It means they think he’s a liberal. They don’t like me giving stuff away to liberals when they, the audience, views themselves as the ones who are staunchly supporting the program and the sponsors. As I said, there’s a marketing component to it, too, but it’s something that — gee, this is tough to say about myself. As you people know, I don’t like talking about myself, and it’s also tough to say because I know the kind of reactions that I’m going to get to this. But for me, you got a call like that, and the guy is whining and moaning about his mother, and rather than give him a lecture, “Stand up to your mother,” it’s fun to share this stuff. It’s fun to be generous. It just is. I don’t give this stuff away for any reason other than it’s fun to do it. I’m not looking for feedback. I’m not expecting something in return for it — at least not personally. I just enjoy doing it. It was really no more complicated than that. I thought the guy was setting me up, and I thought the guy might have been a seminar caller and so forth, but still, it’s like I always say. The fun, when you become an adult, is giving, and if whoever you give it to you is playing a trick on you and you get snookered, fine. It doesn’t rob me of the fun I’ve had in doing it.

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