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RUSH: Try this headline: “Al-Qaeda in Control of Somalia; US Won’t Intervene.” We went to Somalia. We went to Somalia to feed people who were being starved by the warlord Mohammed Farrah Sahib Skyhook Aideed, and when the going got tough, and we were on the verge of victory, Bill Clinton pulled us out, leading to the famous book and movie: Black Hawk Down — and, by the way, Osama bin Laden has said numerous times (on ABC TV in one instance) that when he saw us pull out is when he realized we’d become paper tigers and weak and he knew that we were going to be more concerned over the fate of Miss USA than of the country.
He knew we’d become softies, can’t take casualties, and that it was only a matter of time before we’d get hit again and again and again and not do anything about it. So now they’re back in control of Somalia. “The United States has ruled out an attack on Somalia to oust Al-Qaeda’s forces which have seized effective control of the country. Officials said the Bush administration has no plans to send US troops to oust the new Al-Qaeda-aligned regime in Somalia. The regime is known as the Council of Islamic Courts. It has defeated the US-backed militia and taken over much of the country. ‘The Council Islamic Courts is now controlled by Al-Qaeda cell individuals, east Africa Al-Qaeda cell individuals,’ said US assistant secretary of state Jendayi Frazier. Frazier also said, ‘They’re killing nuns. They’ve killed children. They’re calling for a jihad. Frankly, public executions, killing people for watching soccer matches is not consistent with the Somali culture and tradition.'”
Really? Really? I’m glad to know that it’s want consistent with Somali culture to kill people for watching soccer. Meanwhile, where are we being urged to make an immediate move? Darfur. Yes, ladies and gentlemen! We have got to get out of Iraq, because there’s Al-Qaeda in there. It’s an abject failure. We can’t take seriously Al-Qaeda in Somalia. No. We have to go to Darfur. Now, I wonder if any of these idiot Hollywood types or any of these idiot do-gooder liberals who are wringing their hands over what’s happening in Darfur, will notice what’s happening in Somalia at the hands of Al-Qaeda. People are being beheaded for watching soccer. See, that’s okay. We can’t get involved with these local customs, but if Darfur, where there is a racial component? Katie, bar the door! There’s the same racial component in Somalia, by the way, but it just isn’t portrayed, by the way. Darfur is.

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