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RUSH: Hillary Clinton, as I said, was on The View today in a pink pantsuit, which made me wonder: “How many pantsuits does she have?” You know, people are always talking about wardrobes and clothes and this sort of thing. I don’t know if it’s the same pink pantsuit from the Pretty in Pink press conference, which would have been in 1993, perhaps 1994. I don’t know if it was that. All I know is — that View show — it is hard enough to watch, hard enough to look at with Rosie on it. Today, Hillary went all mommy: all mommy, all the time. She talked about mother this and mother that, and how hard it is, and she talked about day care, and Head Start, and working mothers, and we can help mother more, and we all need to nurture kids.
Every kid needs health care; good preschools are needed. Schools need to be in tune and employers need to give parents time off to go to teacher conferences. The bottom line here is that in Hillary’s world, to be a mother is to now be a victim. This is not by accident. She’s passing out reprints of her book, It Takes a Village. You know how easy it is to make people think they’re victims. Oprah has made a billion dollars doing it: making people think they’re victims, and here’s Hillary coming along: Motherhood? Motherhood is to be a victim. But what exactly did she suggest? We need to do more! We need to do more. Some people say, “Just get a nanny.” Anyway, here are a couple sound bites. Elisabeth Hasselbeck says, “Do you feel like being a mom and having worked as a mom and being able to multitask, does that give a would-be president kind of a edge up on say a male rival?”
HILLARY: Nobody’s ever been in a position to ask that question because we’ve never had a mother, whoever ran for, held that position.
VIEW WOMAN: Yeah. Yeah.
HILLARY: When I was a young mom, years ago, and I was, you know, working, it was at a time when, you know, if you were a — a mother in the workplace, you weren’t supposed to really talk about your kids. You weren’t supposed to bring it to work —
RUSH: What?
HILLARY: — and it was so schizophrenic.
RUSH: What?

HILLARY: I remember, you know, in the office that I worked in, starting at like three o’clock, every woman was on the phone making sure their child got, you know, safely home from school or got picked up by the baby-sitter or made it to the after-school program, and everybody was like on the edge of their seats.
RUSH: How can you do that if you’re not allowed to talk about it at work? Are you trying to tell me there was a period of time in this country when women and mothers have not discussed their kids with each other? “I don’t know how we did it in the past! I really don’t know how we did it!” Well, we managed. We actually managed. Parents always talk about their kids! In fact, people like me that don’t have kids, you get sick of hearing about it. I don’t want to see the pictures anymore! I don’t want to hear about the honor roll! I don’t want to hear about the latest poem. I don’t want to hear about it! They never stop talking about their kids. What is this? Here’s the next bite. Joy Behar: “Do you think it would help to have a woman in the White House? I mean, let’s go there.”
AUDIENCE: (cackling)
HILLARY: I gotta say, we will never — we will never know that until somebody’s — ’til somebody tries, because it’s — it’s such a leap of faith, and I am well aware of that. It is like way out there.
HASSELBECK: If you weren’t going to take that leap and Senator Barack Obama decides he is going to take that leap, would he get your vote?

HILLARY : He is a terrific guy, and —
RUSH: Stop the take a second. This is the last time Hillary will appear with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. You don’t ask Hillary about Obama and live to describe the answer.
HILLARY: There are lot of good people running in the Democratic primary, and I think that’s exciting, because in most elections, you know, it was kind of accepted somebody on one side or the other was going to be the nominee and — and maybe the likely winner. This time that’s all thrown up, and I think that’s good. I think everybody that wants to compete should compete.
AUDIENCE: (cackling)
VIEW WOMAN: Right. Right.
HILLARY: It’s a free country. You know, we tell our children —
VIEW WOMAN: Let the chips fall.
HILLARY: — if you study hard and you’re a good kid, maybe you could grow up and be president —
RUSH: This is mindless.
VIEW WOMAN: Even if you’re a girl!
HILLARY: Even if you’re a girl.
VIEW WOMAN: Or a black man!
HILLARY: Yes, that’s right.
VIEW WOMAN: Even if you’re a black man or a woman!
AUDIENCE: (applauding)
HILLARY (screeching) Let’s throw open those doors and let everybody in!
RUSH: Throw open the doors and let everybody in? Nobody’s denying anybody any door! It’s called you gotta go out and get the votes. This is mindless twaddle, but I know what she’s doing. Hillary has become Miss Mom because it’s the one thing Obama can’t do.

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