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“The gender of the next president is irrelevant. It matters who it is. It matters what their core principles are. It matters what their experience is, and it matters whether they have the ability to see the world as it really is or if they want to look through rose-colored glasses.”
“People that listen to this show are not puppets. They end up doing their own thinking, and most of them just have their own thinking validated. I’m not creating a bunch of mind-numbed robots out there. We view it here as a contest in the arena of ideas, to persuade as many people to agree with us as possible.”
“How can you, who participated in running the Dubai Ports World out of their deal sit idly by and let them snatch up at whatever price, 251 hotel rooms on Columbus Circle? We’ll be right back. I want an answer to this.”
“Parents always talk about their kids! In fact, people like me that don’t have kids, you get sick of hearing about it. I don’t want to see the pictures anymore! I don’t want to hear about the honor roll! I don’t want to hear about the latest poem. I don’t want to hear about it! They never stop talking about their kids.”
“Quick, quick, what’s the name of this tune? Pat-a-Pan, Mannheim Steamroller. You really gotta hear all these things in their entirety, ladies and gentlemen.”
“Condoleezza Rice is a brilliant woman and all that, but if she doesn’t want to be president, then I don’t want her running.”
“You’ve got some people, Republicans and Democrats, politically, who think Israel is the albatross around their neck. ‘The world hates us over there is because of Israel and the terrorists are taking action all over the world,’ the theory is, ‘because Israel, a country ten miles wide, is in their midst!'”
“I’m getting close, if I lived in Chicago, I’d vote for Mayor Richard Daley, and I kid you not.”
“There is an arrogant condescension from elected liberal Democrat leaders to you, the average person. You’re just incompetent. You don’t know how to raise your own kids. You don’t know how to feed them. You don’t know how to get the best job for yourself. You don’t know how to save money. You don’t know how to be charitable. You don’t know how to take care of people who are less fortunate than you are. You don’t know diddly-squat!”
“The panda porn is simply wildlife videos. They’re having problems getting pandas to breed in the zoo so they go out and take videos, wildlife videos. You could almost say that National Geographic has become a smut peddler.”

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