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RUSH: I got an e-mail today from Gretchen Carlson, who is the co-host of Fox and Friends, and she said, “Hey, Rush, my mom heard you on the radio today talking about the Miss USA stuff.”She’s referring to this hijacking of three cable networks by Trump yesterday with this gag-me press conference with Tara Conner. Gretchen writes, “As a former Miss America, the two pageants are markedly different. Miss America actually stays busy all year doing speeches, talking about her platform, and performing her talent. She also has a constant adult travel companion. Miss USA lives in a New York City apartment with Miss Universe and little supervision. There is no talent category or scholarship aspect of the Miss USA pageant,” confirming everything I thought yesterday! (By the way, thanks Gretchen for the note and the clarification on the difference between the two pageants.) I knew that this gal, Tara Conner, was going to survive as long as she didn’t disgrace the swimsuit competition. There was no other competition to disgrace because there isn’t any.

I don’t know how many other people have thought of this, but I think this is a good idea. I don’t know whether Trump knows it or not, but he may have accidentally swerved into a new reality show yesterday to the pickup when The Apprentice finally bombs, as all TV shows do. (The Apprentice is going to be out in LA for its next run.) The title of Trump’s new show: “Second Chances.” Instead of firing incompetent people, Trump will give them a “second chance,” and viewers will watch the second chancers struggle with not blowing it, and there’s any number of people that could be contestants on this show. Foley, Michael Richards, Marion Barry. He was just nabbed again yesterday, claimed he got set up again. Tank Johnson of the Chicago Bears. (laughing)

What does a guy 6’10” and 500 pounds need a bodyguard for? And what good is the bodyguard when the bodyguard gets gunned down in a nightclub in Chicago? At any rate, and of course, Miss USA could appear on there as well.

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