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RUSH: First up on the phones today is Jim in Boston. I’m glad you called, Jim, and welcome.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. How’s it going?
RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you.
CALLER: Huh-huh. I wanted to ask you: don’t you feel it’s a little presumptuous to be making any expansive conclusions about, uh, Mr. Burglar’s intent considering you don’t know the contents of the documents or about any Clinton involvements anymore?
RUSH: Well, see, that’s the point. We do know. It has been established and it was confirmed by President Clinton (I’m sure inadvertently) that it was the Millennium Alert After Action Review that Burglar was in messing with. We would all like to know what’s in the documents, Jim, and the Landmark Legal Foundation has asked the Clinton library to release that after-action review, the Millennium Alert After Action Review, which is the document Burglar was trying to change, alter or do whatever to, and they won’t release it. All we can do is speculate why. There must be something pretty damning in it.
CALLER: Perhaps. But it, uh, don’t, I mean, it’s a little presumptuous and or, you know.. I-i-it’s — and without any actual malice involved, I think it’s pretty hard to not that I can any sort of rational conclusion.
RUSH: Jim, there are certain things that we know. We know that the Millennium Alert After Action Review was an effort by the Clinton administration to claim credit for “no terrorism,” no terrorist acts occurring during the run-up to Y2K.
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: We know this because this document was reported on to the 9/11 Commission. Now, look at this. I am being treated by the first caller of the day as a criminal and Sandy Burglar has admitted to taking this review, these documents out of the National Archives and hiding them under a construction trailer — and I am under the interrogation light! “Don’t you think it’s a little presumptuous, without any actual malice involved? I mean, I think it’s pretty hard to make any sort of actual…” This is the problem. Nobody ever does anything wrong except me, and all I’m doing is talking about it! Why aren’t you calling me and demanding that Burglar and the Clintons release the details? That way you won’t have to be mad at me for speculating. The reason you’re mad at me, Jim — and I know you’re mad — is because you know I’m right.

I know the Clintons, and that administration not just like the back of my hand, but like every square inch of my glorious naked body. I know full well as does everybody else they paid scant attention to terrorism, and when they did they treated it as a legal issue. The 9/11 Commission starts its work; Clinton doesn’t have a legacy on terrorism. It was Clinton administration people who after 9/11 lamented, “Why didn’t it happen when Bill was president so something major that could define his presidency would have happened? Why does Bush get all these good things?” It’s a sick, sick bunch of people who are look at every event as a way they can manipulate into a positive legacy. Clinton’s terrorism legacy is the first World Trade Center bombing. He didn’t do anything about it. Mogadishu? He didn’t do anything about it except quit and give up. He did track down the blind sheik, put him on trial, but he turned down bin Laden a couple, three times when he was offered to us by the Sudanese.
‘It’s a horrible record, but Clinton can’t let that stand. He’s in the process of building a legacy. With his wife seeking the White House here in a mere two years, he can’t let that stand. Ergo, you send Burglar into the National Archives preparing for his testimony before the 9/11 Commission, and he wants to have those documents reflect what he’s going to say. Now, come on, Jim, you’ve got to be open and honest. Think about this, instead of calling here and getting mad at me on some charge of being “presumptuous” and “speculating without having any knowledge whatsoever.” We have a lot of knowledge. We have a lot. If I were a lawyer, I have a circumstantial case here, plus I’ve got Burglar’s admission! Burglar admitted taking the documents out, and we just played Clinton admitting it. Here, grab audio sound bite #4 again. It may not have been the Millennium Alert After Action Review, eh? Well, Clinton is signing a book out in Denver, Colorado, and he’s asked about Burglar and said this.
CLINTON: I believe he his explanation. He did a fabulous job against terrorists. All those records were documented, and the one big question involved in what we did leading up to the Millennium where we had no terrorist incidents and we prevented a lot of them so —
RUSH: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it right here. Clinton knew what was Burglar was doing. You know the real question here, folks? I have no doubt that Sandy Burglar growing up never once imagined that he would be on this side of the law. No, seriously. I’m speaking to you seriously here. Sandy Burglar, whatever, is always been a law-abiding citizen. We’re talking what a major felonious crime here! Now, what would make him do this? What would make him take the risk of getting caught and having a felony on his record and going through the humiliation and the embarrassment? What? Would he have so much loyalty to the Clinton administration he did it on his own? I’m peculating here, for those of you in Boston. He had so much loyalty he just did it on his own? Was there something in the Millennium Alert After Action Review that reflected poorly on him and he was purely being selfish and going in there and trying to fix it so that he didn’t look so bad?
Or did he get a phone call one night? (Clinton impression) “Hey, Sandy, how you doing, buddy? Heh, heh, heh. Good. The 9/11 Commission getting ready. So we got a problem in there in there. You’ve heard of Bob Torricelli and I’m sure Andrew Cuomo, good guys all, but…” Or is there something in his FBI file that the Clintons have? You stop and think of this, folks. I’m saying this not as a conservative, not as an ideologue, strictly as an observer. We watched the Bush administration and every day it seems like there are serious leaks from the CIA and the Pentagon and the state department. Just the other day, I had it in the stack yesterday, didn’t get to it. Apparently we’ve got some battle plan — I don’t mean war, but we’ve got some action plan — for Syria, and somebody leaked it. I don’t know who, TIME Magazine or Newsweek or one of the newspapers. I’ll see if I can dredge it up from the archive files.

Yet throughout the eight years of the Clinton administration, I don’t remember a significant leak that damaged them at all. Do you? I don’t. Even since the Clintons had left office. Normally that’s when people dump, get it off their chest. It hasn’t happened. In fact, after they leave office, Gorelick gets herself on this commission; Burglar goes in and steals documents from the National Archives. This kind of blind, total loyalty in politics is not normal. It’s not common. This is the exception to the rule, what’s happening here with the Clinton people. Gary Aldrich wrote his book, an FBI agent. They’ve destroyed Gary Aldrich, did everything they could. Kathleen Willey, too. Anybody that dared come out and tell the truth. They even tried to portray Monica Lewinsky as a stalker. She’s a 19-year-old groupie intern, and they are trying to destroy her — and of course the Drive-By Media and the Democrats sympathize with the Clintons while all these people’s reputations are being tarnished and destroyed.
People say, “Well, these people trying to ruin the Clintons.” Well, maybe they’re just trying to tell the truth of what was going on, and we couldn’t have that and we still can’t have it today. We still can’t get the truth. We still can’t get this document released from the Clinton Presidential Library. If this document, as Clinton just said here, let me read this to you: “Sandy did a fabulous job against terrorists. All those documents were documented, and the one question involved, what we did in the lead-up to the millennium where we had no terrorist incidents and we prevented a lot of them…” We prevented them? One Customs agent, one event! They were trying to set this up so that their policy and their administration was on the case. This is in 2004 during the hearings. They have to go back. They did try to rewind the TiVo on this is exactly what they tried to do and that’s what Burglar’s purpose was. Why would Burglar risk all this? I don’t have the answers to these questions. I am just telling you this is how my fertile, active, productive and unique mind works. I don’t see traitors. I don’t see leakers. Instead I see people willing to risk their own reputations to save Bill and Hillary’s. Something just makes me curious about that.
I realize there maybe others of you out there in Boston, in Denver, in San Francisco, in many places who think, “Boy, Rush, here you go again! You’re jumping to all kinds of conclusions! Why, you don’t even know that it was the Millennium Alert After Action Review that Burglar went in there and took.” Yes, we do! We can infer it, at least, from what Clinton said at the book signing in Denver, but Burglar admitted it! Washington Post, July 22nd, 2004. “The documents that Berger has acknowledged taking are different drafts of a January 2000 after-action review of how to government responded to terrorism plots at the turn of the millennium. The document was written by White House Anti-Terrorism Coordinator Richard Clarke at [Burglar]’s direction when he was in the government.” So if you don’t want to believe the Washington Post, I would welcome you to the club, normally, but this is Burglar admitting it to the Washington Post.
There’s no speculation about what he was doing in there and what document he was taking out and changing and put back in. We don’t know know, and some of it didn’t get back in! Some of the stuff that went back in there was not the original. We also know that, too — and what do we get? “Weeeeell, Sandy is a sloppy guy!” Yeah! (Burglar impression) “I’ve copied those documents in my sleep! I had a sleep disorder! I have night trauma, whatever. I didn’t know I was doing it ’til I was told that I did it. In fact, I was doing the copying when I was eating a gallon of Chippy Nut Ice Cream from Breyer’s.” The things these people have been allowed to get away with as excuses!

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