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RUSH: Harlem, Barbara, you’re nice to wait. I appreciate it. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Thank you so very much, Rush, for taking my call! This is indeed a pleasure. Listen, I just wanted to say that you are 100% correct in everything. You are definitely excellence in broadcasting.
RUSH: Wow.
CALLER: I’m a traditional, generational Democrat. I started listening to you many years ago in 1989. You’ve changed my whole outlook. I voted for Clinton the first go-round, but after you educated me, I couldn’t vote for him anymore. During the presidential election, I had bumper stickers on my car, “Another Democrat for Bush,” and everything you said about liberals is so correct — and let me tell you something. I, as a senior person, enrolled in a college because I wanted to test some of what you were saying, and the colleges, as you said — and I hear students call in — are completely liberal, completely crazy, and I just graduated in May of 2006.
RUSH: No kidding. What kind of degree?
CALLER: I have a degree in Letters, religion and art. They teach you nothing. They don’t teach you anything, I should say. All they teach you to do is hate America, and they teach the minority students that you can’t make it here and hate the government, but let me tell you something: your name is on so many of my reference papers. Your name and other conservative talk show hosts. They could not — even these credentialed people, they could not — find any error in the facts that I quoted that I heard from you and others, and let me tell you: I graduated at the top of the class with 4.08 average in a liberal, crazy place. So I want to tell these younger students: “Go to class. Put your papers in on time. Don’t miss any classes. State the facts; give the references, and they can’t even say that it’s wrong.” Your brother’s book, I used that in many of my classes about the persecution of Christians.
RUSH: That’s good, because I actually wrote that book. That’s good.
CALLER: I use all of those as reference materials, and they could not give me anything lower than A’s or A plusses. I beat them at their own game because you educated me! You started off educating me, changing me, and I thank you so very much.
RUSH: By the way, I’m only kidding about writing my brother’s book. That’s just me. I’m in one of these giddy moods. I don’t know what to say. You said you’re a senior citizen?
CALLER: Well, I’m not a senior citizen, but I’m a mature person.
RUSH: Okay. All right.
CALLER: I have a grandson, and I decided, “Let me go and see for myself if what you’re saying is true.”
RUSH: You were a “traditional, generational Democrat” —
CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: — meaning you were just born to it, and so you thought that’s what WAS.
CALLER: That’s right: grandmother, mother, everyone that I know is a Democrat.
RUSH: So what was it that…? I know you’ve cited this program, but I’m always curious how you get through to people, because obviously something happened that made you start critically examining your own beliefs and what your family had taught you. What was it?
CALLER: Well, one thing about it: it caused some conflict in me because I believe the Bible, and I started listening to the Democrats, and I said, “Well, wait a minute. If I believe the Bible, do I have to depend upon a political party to lift me out of poverty, or does lifting me out of poverty mean I go to work?” and it meant I go to work, and I’ve worked all of my life, and I’ve never experienced the racism. I was able even after my husband left, and left me with five children, I was able to provide for them, buy homes, and things of this nature as a single woman, black woman in America, start businesses, and things of this nature, and it just started to dawn. I said, “Now, how can I believe the Bible and then worship a party? They don’t provide for me. If I don’t get out here and work, you know what? I’ll be just in slavery.”
RUSH: This is just tremendous.
RUSH: You did this all on your own?
RUSH: You used the right words: “worship a political party.”
CALLER: That’s right. That’s right.
RUSH: That is a great way to describe liberals: they worship government. They worship the Democrat Party. They worship things. They worship themselves, if they’re baby boomer liberals.
CALLER: Mmm-hmm.
RUSH: This is heartwarming to hear. We hear this quite a bit on this program, and I cannot thank you enough. You’re giving me way too much of the credit here. I’ll take some, I deserve some, but —
CALLER: You deserve some. (Laughing.)
RUSH: But you give me way too much here.
CALLER: But thank you, thank you, Rush, because you opened up my eyes. You know, even when I had my bumper sticker on the car, “Another Democrat for Bush,” they threw eggs on the car; they did all sorts of mean things, and, you know, I don’t see the Republicans doing those sort of things when people want to vote Democrat or whatever.
RUSH: No, Republicans eat the eggs they buy.
CALLER: They sure do because they need to come into these minority communities, just like Giuliani did. I hung out with Giuliani and watched him, before he was elected mayor, and he was bold enough to come to some of the black churches; he was bold enough to come into the community. Even his wife was there in Harlem, and you see he was elected.
RUSH: Absolutely he was. I wish we had more time. I really do. I wish we had more time. But, Barbara, you are an inspiration. There’s no better time of the year than Christmastime to get your call for millions of Americans to hear it Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

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