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RUSH: Get this: “Former ambassador Joseph Wilson asked a federal judge yesterday not to force him to testify in the CIA leak case and accused Scooter Libby of trying to harass him on the witness stand.” What a wimp! Here we have brave old Joe Wilson, protecting his poor little CIA “agent” wife.
He’s running around protecting her honor, and he’s telling all kinds of lies about yellowcake and Niger and Iraq policy — and here’s Scooter Libby on trial for his freedom while Burglar’s running around given a free pass because he’s sloppy or what have you, and he wants to call Joseph Wilson. Note, by the way, that Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor in the case, did not want to call Wilson, had no intention of it. Now Libby has been asking to question him. (Wilson wimp impression.) “He’s just going to harass me! He’s just going to harass me.” Wilson’s attorneys said that Mr. Libby shouldn’t be permitted to compel Mr. Wilson’s testimony at trial either for the purpose of harassing Mr. Wilson or to gain advantage in the civil case. Let’s talk about real men for a second here, Mr. Wilson. I’ll bet Dick Cheney doesn’t have any problem testifying! He’s going to testify. Scooter Libby has called the vice president of the United States, you wimp, you wuss, you phony!
All along this guy is a great, masculine role model doing everything he can to protect his little wife from the monsters outside their little cave in which they live, and he got a free ride by his buddies in the Drive-By Media who knew full-well the guy was making it up as he went along but it didn’t matter because what he was making up was exactly what they wanted to report and have said, that Bush lied, that Bush knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, and this whole thing in Niger was a crock. As it turns out, even the 9/11 Commission report mentioned that Wilson’s trip actually confirmed what everybody thought was going on between the Iraq and Niger and the attempt to buy yellowcake, which you need for nuclear weapons and so forth. So here’s the guy, Joseph Wilson, who started this whole mess. He started this whole mess, and now doesn’t have the guts, doesn’t have the cajones to appear on the witness stand. I wonder what he’s afraid of? Could it be that thing that you promise to say the truth under oath? Could that be what his problem is? We can only speculate, for those of you in Boston.

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