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All right, let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is a hoot. CNN puts up this giant graphic when they’re doing a story on “The hunt for Osama bin Laden.” They put up a giant graphic, and the graphic says, “Where’s Obama?” It happened while Wolf Blitzer was making the announcement.
BLITZER: Plus, a new year, but the same mission. Will 2007 bring any new changes in the hunt for Osama bin Laden?
RUSH: And of course the graphic said, “Where’s Obama?”, and it had a picture of bin Laden and so forth. This led to CNN nervously wringing its hands and being terribly apologetic. It started yesterday morning with Soledad O’Brien on their morning show.
O’BRIEN: We want to take a moment to correct and also apologize for a mistake that was made yesterday on CNN’s Situation Room. An on-screen graphic questioning where Osama bin Laden might be, showed the words “Where’s Obama?” briefly on the screen instead of saying “Where’s Osama?” CNN regrets the error, and obviously Senator Obama, our apologies to you.

RUSH: Well, that’s all well and good. I wonder who else has CNN apologized to for such things? They plastered my medical records all over the screen and a number of other factual inaccuracies about me, and I don’t recall any apologizes. They had to go out of their way to apologize, and of course, this Obama/Osama thing for the longest time was blamed on me, in a number of Drive-By Media news articles. Now CNN has fallen prey to the whole thing, and of course, remember Vice President Cheney, at some point they were running a video piece and some giant X appeared on the screen over the face of Cheney it was they were talk about, and they did an investigation at CNN.
They couldn’t figure out who did it. It was just “a technical glitch,” and of course this was just an unfortunate incident. What did she say? An error. It was a mistake made yesterday on the Situation Room, an on-screen graphic. It was just a slight typo. This is the same network that a month ago did a whole story with their man-on-the street journalist, Jeanie Most; they ran around and asked people if Barack Obama was like a threat to the United States, if he provided or proved a terrorist threat, and of course half the people they talked to had no idea who he was and thought, “Yeah he’s a big threat. We need catch him and put him behind bars,” and then Wolf Blitzer had to apologize again, because one apology was not enough. So Wolf yesterday morning on CNN during the funeral coverage on President Ford said this.
BLITZER: I just want to make a correction and apology, Soledad, for what we did yesterday in the Situation Room. We had a bad typographical error and one of our — one of our graphics. We were doing a piece on the hunt for Osama bin Laden in this new year 2007. Unfortunately there was a graphic. Instead of saying, “Where is Osama?” it said, “Where is Obama?” We want to apologize for that bad typo. We want to also apologize personally to Senator Barack Obama. I’m going to be making a call to him later this morning to offer my personal apology.
RUSH: And he did, and Obama’s office accepted the apology, but did say that it’s a little strange that it happened in the first place. Barack, don’t worry! CNN is on your side on this. It’s obviously nothing more than an error, maybe some closet conservative in the graphics department there at CNN got in there, but they didn’t mean anything malicious by it which is why they bending over forwards and backwards to apologize. Who really started all this? It’s amazing that in all of these stories, or most of them, the original culprit has never been pointed out.
KENNEDY: There you go. Why don’t we just ask Osama bin Laden? Eh, heh. Osama Obama! Uhh, Obama what is — since, uh, he won by such a big amount.

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