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RUSH: A couple of more little things about Obama, Barack Obama, and those of you on the phone, there’s not enough time to get into a call here before we go to the break. Be patient. We’ll get to all of you when we come back. The Washington Post has a story today: “Effect of Obama’s Candor Remains to be Seen — Obama’s revelations in his book were not an issue during his Senate campaign two years ago, but now that his open narrative of early bad choices, including drug use starting in high school and ending in college, as well as his tortured search for racial identity are sure to receive new scrutiny.” Apparently he tried a bunch of different drugs, cocaine and marijuana, and he’s all worried now — or some people are worried — about the affects on his presidential perspirations that this candor will have, and I just have to laugh.
Hell, folks, this is r?sum? enhancement stuff for Obama! You have to understand: there are no standards. The standards don’t apply to Democrats. The standards only apply to Republicans. He’s not going to be held accountable, because he didn’t do anything wrong. Wait ’til you see the way this spins out. “He wanted the experience. He was in pain, and those drugs were helping him forget the process of him finding out who he was, and so he had to do that.” So it’s going to turn into a positive by the time they get through with this, a very big one. Watch and see.

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