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RUSH: We had the Breck Girl announce his candidacy for the presidency, the Democratic presidential nomination down in New Orleans. They set the stage well with all the ruins in New Orleans with the Breck Girl.
Now, what a stunt that was. Why was he holding the shovel? Was he holding the shovel to clear up the mud or to clear up the words that came out of his mouth in the process of his announcement? The thing that’s exciting to me about this is that it introduces a new potential great sport. You know, there are a lot of Democratic candidates still yet to announce. Edwards, from North Carolina, announced in New Orleans amidst the ruins of Katrina. He went to the 9th Ward. John Kerry has yet to make it official, but when he does, where would be a good place for him to announce? How about in front of the Eiffel Tower in France? Joe Biden, he hasn’t announced officially, has he? He should do it in front of a local Hair Club for Men store. Christopher Dodd, it doesn’t matter where he announces because it’s like, “If nobody hears a tree fall in the forest does it make a noise?” Nobody will hear it.
Hillary should announce in front of a Potemkin village: an ornate facade with nothing behind it. And Algore, he should go up to Alaska and announce his candidacy in ANWR with the fired-up speech, “Keep your drills out of my ANWR!”. John McCain, where could he announce? He could announce in Hyannisport with Russ Feingold on one side and Teddy Kennedy on his far left. There are any number of possibilities for or Democrats who are going to announce.

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