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RUSH: Did you hear about John Edwards, the Breck Girl? He has “resigned as director of the Poverty Center that he founded at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He did this so that he can focus on his second run for president. Edwards was the first director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity founded in February of 2005. It studies ideas for moving more Americans out of poverty and into the middle class.” Now, get this. “In his resignation letter to the law school dean, [the Breck Girl] said that the center, in two years, had already had some success by holding conferences and panel discussions. In April, the center is expected to publish a book of scholarly essays called Ending Poverty in America, and the center’s work will continue without him.”
Wow! Folks, this is ground-breaking stuff. They’ve been around for only two years, and they’ve already had some success by holding conferences and panel discussions on poverty! Do you know that’s never been done? Do you know that never in this country’s history has there been a “panel discussion” or a single conference where the participants discussed poverty? This is ground breaking, and in only two years they got this done! You know, what? I always thought the fastest way out of poverty was work. That’s generally the way. You learn things every day, and you have to be open to new ideas. You can’t be closed-minded about these things. Well I — apparently, ladies and gentlemen — have been wrong. Panel discussions and conferences! Why, that’s profound. It’s so simple, how did it escape me? And they’ve had so much success, the Breck Girl can quit his own poverty center and run for president because he’s fixed it — and they’re going to, by the way, publish scholarly essays in April.
Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a man who cares and gets things done, a man of action: the Breck Girl, John Edwards! We owe him a debt of gratitude because there have been so many misconceptions about poverty all of these years, and here in two short years we have been shown the light. We have been given countenance. Brilliance has been visited upon us. The solution? Panel discussions and holding conferences and scholarly publications of whatever happened at those rare meetings! You realize how infrequent this kind of thing happens, when we’re talking about poverty?

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