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RUSH: Trevor in San Antonio, Texas, welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Well, thank you, sir. It’s an honor to talk to you. I’m a second generation dittohead and I’m actually shipping out for Iraq on our birthday.
RUSH: Hubba hubba.
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: Congratulations, sir, and God bless you.
CALLER: Thank you very much, sir, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating the membership to your website. I enjoy that immensely and the newsletter every month. When my wife’s not stealing it out of my hands I absolutely love it.
RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you so much. I lost track of what you were saying for just a second, I was trying to multitask; I don’t do it as well as Pelosi does.
CALLER: (Laughing.) You need a baby in your hand, sir.
RUSH: No, no, no, I don?t. In fact, can I say something about that?
CALLER: Yes, sir.
RUSH: Let?s go back to the late sixties, the early seventies, the birth of the modern era of feminism. Among many of the tenets back then was, don’t have family, your life is not based on your relationship, your life is not based on children, and if you have them, make sure you’re not the one raising them. Make sure your husband does or a day care center because you gotta go out there and join the career world and you gotta start climbing the ladder so that you, too, can crack the marble ceiling. It was all about women becoming like men, to hell with kids, to hell with family relationship. Bit of an exaggeration, but that was — it’s actually not.
Now, look what happened in the House chamber yesterday, look what Nancy Pelosi did, big-time leading feminist. We’ve gone full circle. Do you think the early feminist leaders really enjoyed seeing all that yesterday? That Pelosi had to be surrounded by young babies and children and her husband in order to make herself appear more palatable to the American public at large, ladies and gentlemen?

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