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RUSH: Rick in Toledo, you’re next, sir. Welcome.
CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. How you doing?
RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you. How are you doing?
CALLER: Well, I’m doing just great.
RUSH: Well, that?s great. Say hi to the family for me.
CALLER: (Laughing.) I sure will. Hey, Rush, the question I have for you is — now, I can’t answer it — but why is it that Oprah Winfrey is not getting the same flack or the angry words or what have you, that Bill Cosby did when he or she talks about the plight of the black family or school kids or whatever?
RUSH: Well, the first thing is nobody knows that she said it other than people that listen to this program. The second reason is she is The Oprah, and she is a media queen and can squash anybody she wants to. All people do is grovel and suck up to The Oprah. Nobody criticizes The Oprah. A few do, but you don’t hear much about them after they do. Cosby has run around and he’s making public speeches about this. Oprah’s comment came while she was in South Africa, and she was in the midst of doing wonderful, brilliant, and caring charitable work, setting up a school for poor South African kids. It’s a beautiful thing. She happened to say, in answer to why she was there, (paraphrase) ?Well, I go to these inner city schools in Chicago, and kids say what they need is iPods and sneakers. I don’t think they really want to learn.? But nobody knows about it, and the reason nobody knows about it is because the media is not going to make a big deal of it. If the civil rights leadership is not going to rip her, I guarantee you nobody else is going to join the train. The civil rights leadership got all over Bill Cosby, and that was the ticket for everybody else to start kicking.
CALLER: Well, that answers my question.
RUSH: See how that happens? That’s amazing. When you call here and you have a question, most people get their questions answered. It’s a service. Plus, there are other things. Cosby doesn’t have his television show currently. He just doesn’t have the platform that he once had. If he did this when he was hosting his show and it was popular, then it might have had a different reaction or people would have had a different reaction to him. But it’s really is more about Oprah. Nobody but nobody… Do you think Donald Trump would ever call Oprah a “fat slob”? Would anybody get in a feud with the Oprah? Oprah is sainted. Oprah is protected; her legacy is already written. Bill Clinton salivates when he looks at what Oprah has been able to create for herself in terms of her own legacy. Rick, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.

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