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RUSH: Roman in Boynton Beach, Florida. Roman, welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hi, Rush.
CALLER: Mega Bulgarian dittos from a not-so-well trained broadcast specialist listener.
RUSH: That’s okay. It’s okay to be an amateur if you’re a caller on this program.
CALLER: You have to forgive me if I’m nervous.
RUSH: No, no. You don’t sound nervous at all.
CALLER: I’m also a member of LDA, Long Drivers of America. You’re a golfer, too, right?
RUSH: Long Drivers? Oh, are you really?
RUSH: Well…
CALLER: I was up in New Jersey on the qualifying rounds, and then I busted a shoulder, which was reconstructed.
RUSH: What kind of driver do you use? How long a shaft?
CALLER: Fifty, and the drivers — ironically enough, I make my own. I order the components. I have a K Viper 9, and the shafts are — one is a Ballistic and one is the Assassin.
RUSH: K Viper 9 and an Assassin, Ballistic and an Assassin, a 50-inch shaft.
RUSH: Wow.
CALLER: Extremely heavy, extremely heavy. It’s off the charts. It doesn’t even count the swing weight. Very few people can do that, but I’m an ex-hockey player.
RUSH: I can’t swing a 50-inch shaft. I wouldn’t even try.
CALLER: Yeah. Not only that, but it’s very heavy.
RUSH: Fifty-inch. Of course it would be heavy.
CALLER: Well, but I’m also an ex-hockey player, so I’m used to some heavy stuff. The reason I called is because if you watched Her Highness Pelosi yesterday, her words were still ringing in the room when the representative from Florida said,(paraphrase) Miss Pelosi, or Miss Speaker, or Madam Speaker, “Is it registered that the race is being contested?? the one in Florida —
RUSH: Vern Buchanan’s race. That’s Katherine Harris’ old seat.
CALLER: Yes and —
RUSH: This Democrat that lost refuses to go away on this. Roman, I hate to interrupt you because of time, but I have to tell you: Keep a sharp eye on this because if the Democrats really want that seat, they can do it. They pulled this off against the Republicans back in the mid-eighties in Indiana with Congressman C. W. Bill Young (R-IN). I think Tony Coelho was involved in making it happen, but if they really, really, really want this seat, they can find a way to make it happen. (story) They’re doing it on the basis of “undervotes.” I don’t have time to define an undervote but there are a significant number of them and they’re trying to blame it on the machines. But courts have ruled in favor of Buchanan. He did get seated and he did get his vote card, but Democrats, it?s not the end of the day for them.

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