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RUSH: Here’s the other Schwarzenegger story. In addition to the fact that he wants to provide health care insurance for every child in California, even the children of illegal immigrants, he wants a new welfare program that is being opposed out there as an end to bipartisanship. He wants to “cut almost $500 million in welfare programs next year and impose new rules aimed at pushing recipients off public assistance and into the workforce.” So it’s a state version of welfare reform. “He’s going to propose in his state budget to eliminate a cost of living increase for welfare grants next year and wants to end the practice of providing welfare grants to children whose parents are chronically unemployed.”
So we’re going to give them health care insurance but we’re not going to give them welfare benefits, recognizing that you can’t do everything for everybody. Well, this still doesn’t sit well with the Democrats out there who are calling this an end to bipartisanship. “Democrat leaders said they would not support the welfare plan. John Laird (Democrat -Santa Cruz) said the governor is “trying to balance the budget on the backs of the poor,” which is a tired, worn-out liberal clich?. Any time any change is proposed in any social program, it is “trying to balance the budget on the backs of the poor.” John Laird from Santa Cruz, a Democrat, chairman of the assembly budget committee, said, “I think we want to negotiate more of a post-partisan solution that reflects more of our values.” Now, the third story in this trilogy, if you will, is this: “California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once taunted Democrats as ‘girlie men,’ on Friday called for an end to partisan bickering and a focus on innovative centrist policies.
“In an elaborately staged inaugural that included singers breaking into choruses of hallelujah right after he took the oath of office, Arnold said that California could serve as a model to the rest of the country and larger world. ‘At one time the greatest public policy innovations came from liberals such as during the New Deal. Then the most innovative ideas came from conservatives such as Ronald Reagan.'” Yes, and one of the reasons that they had to happen is because somebody had to reverse the direction of the New Deal! Reagan wasn’t compromising with anything FDR did. He was trying to obliterate it! But Arnold doesn’t see it that way. He said, “It is time that we combine the best of both ideologies into a new creative center. This is a dynamic center that is not held captive by either the left or the right or the past.” Combine them?
“Schwarzenegger cited a pioneering California law last year aimed at curtailing greenhouse gas emissions as a model of what he called post-partisanship.” All right, so we’ve got a new term and we’ve got a new idea. Look it, it’s just this simple. If you compromise with liberals, you get liberalism, and his greenhouse gases emission idea is a classic example. I’ll give you another truism: any organization that is not conservative will by definition end up being liberal. It takes conservatism to fight liberal. It takes conservatism to oppose liberalism. It takes conservative to, quote, unquote, balance or negate as much of liberal as possible because if there’s no conservatism around, liberalism will run amuck. It’s been proven. On college campi, wherever you go, where there was no conservatism, liberalism will rule the roost. So this is just nonsensical. “Start compromising, come up with a new centrist ideology, takes the best…”

It sounds wonderful, and I know to the pacifists that live in America these days, the people that don’t like confrontation, will say, “Come on, Mr. Limbaugh. It sounds like a wonderful idea. At least we should try it. We’ve tried everything else. It will end the partisan bickering.” It will not because the libs will not stop bickering unless they get all of what they want. Folks, you know it. I have illustrated it. If you look at history, no matter what liberals ask for, if they get it, it’s still not enough. You think they’re going to take a little conservative along the way? By the way, where the conservatism in the greenhouse gas emissions compromise? I want to know where the conservatism is. It ain’t there! Moving on to other items. The Washington Times today: “Immigration Debate Gets Religious — A number of leading Christian conservative groups have formed a coalition on immigration and illegal aliens that will push religiously grounded positions that both sides of the current immigration debate will both love and hate.
“In letters sent today and obtained by the Washington Times, Families First on Immigration urges President Bush and leaders of the new Democrat Congress to adopt a grand compromise on the divisive issues that include stronger border security and amnesty for illegal aliens already here who are relatives of citizens and an end to birthright citizenship.” That’s the compromise on this. “Former Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer, Deal Hudson of the Morley Institute for Church and Culture, and David Keene of the American Conservative Union are among those who have joined forces to chart a new path on immigration reform, an issue that conservative Christians have generally avoided. Manuel Miranda, chairman of the Third Branch Conference, who has corralled more than 30 leading conservatives to enter the debate said, ‘Our position really is consistent with Christian teachings and with the rule of law.’
“At the heart of their proposal is a compromise that could give both sides of the immigration debate their ‘holy grail,’ as he puts it, while also making a major one-time concession that would eliminate one of the biggest magnets for illegals. Out of concern for keeping families together, the religious leaders proposed granting citizenship to any illegal aliens in the country who are related to US citizens. In return the federal government would end birthright citizenship, which automatically grants US citizenship to anyone born here regardless of his parents’ legal status. Miranda said, ‘Hey, this is a real compromise. On the one hand there is legalization of a large number of people, but conservatives get the settlement of the thorniest issue for them in the immigration debate.'” So it’s just a proposal, but it does seem that “compromise” is the order of the day. We’ve just got to stop this bickering, folks, and what this means is that conservatives no longer have the stomach for it, because Democrats love it.
They love confrontation; they love the partisan bickering. That’s who they are. They have defined it. In fact, you know what really it is that defines “partisan bickering,” is conservatives fighting back. Conservatives fighting back? “Wow, we’ve got to get rid of the partisanship,” which means: “Conservatives just shut up. Just shut up, and if the conservatives would just shut up, why, then we wouldn’t have any partisan bickering.” That’s how this works, ladies and gentlemen. I urge you not to shut up, and then there’s this: “Starting today, patrons of the Dallas-based Pizza Patr?n chain, which caters heavily to Latinos, will be able to purchase American pizzas with Mexican pesos. Restaurant experts and economists said they knew of no other food chain with a location so far from the Mexican border offering such a service. ‘We’re trying to reach out to our core customers,’ said Antonio Swad, president of Pizza Patron, Inc. ‘We know when they come back from Mexico, they have pesos left over. We want to be a convenient place for them to spend their pesos.’
“Ron Paul, the president of Technomic, Inc., a Chicago-based restaurant market research firm said, ‘It’s a very interesting idea. They are catering to that audience.'” All right, you know this stuff doesn’t go away. It’s just like gay marriage. It’s like illegal immigration. It gets proposed and here we’ve got “pesos for pizzas” in Dallas, at this one firm. It’ll grow. It will expand. Just like, I don’t know where it happened first but there was a first place where you went to get your driver’s license or something and the signs, the instructions were posted in Spanish. There had to be a first. Now it’s everywhere. I don’t know if it will be everywhere, at least soon, but it’s not going to be confined to one pizza place, because the market spawns competition — and, of course, Mexicans coming in from Mexico with pesos buy things other than pizzas. They buy other things, and wherever these other things are sold, there will have to be now a movement to make pesos available as currency so these people can buy these things. You wait. It won’t be long

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