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We had a caller on hold who didn’t make it. A cell phone signal died. His point was going to be, or his point was, that I owe you in this audience an apology for having Sylvester Stallone on this program back in December to discuss his new movie Rocky Balboa. Now, why do I owe an apology for this? That’s why I owe this audience an apology: because I have Stallone on, his movie does well, and then he goes somewhere and comes out against the fence? Is that what he did? He came out against the fence and creamed us on immigration. He basically said that he wants all these people to be able to get in the country. It’s my fault. I need to make an apology. (laughing)
You know, if I had one-tenth the power that people listening to this program think I have, we’d be sitting pretty. Look, folks: Sylvester Stallone has a movie, and I saw where he did this. I think he did this very near the opening of the movie in Mexico. He’s got a movie; he wants people to go see it! I can’t be held responsible for what people say when they leave this show. I can’t be responsible for what they say when they’re on this show

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