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RUSH: This is from the Los Angeles Times from yesterday. It’s a list of the 12 most bizarre college courses in the United States. Now, I guess I can get away with the language here. I don’t think I need to offer a warning. You people are mature enough and your kids… It’s okay. “The ‘dirty dozen’ list of ‘America’s most bizarre and politically correct college courses’ is out and Los Angeles-area institutions of higher learning have walked away with a quarter of the ranked honours (or dishonours). Occidental College, an 1800-student liberal arts school in Eagle Rock, is the only college on the list to collect two citations for excellence at offering trendy theories of gender, skin colour and white-male oppression at the expense of actual academic content.
“The list comes from the Young America’s Foundation, a 40-year-old non-profit organisation funded by conservative individuals and foundations. Its #1 slot for bizarre class offerings went to Occidental for a course called ‘The Phallus’.” Here’s the list. Number one: The Phallus. Occidental College’s “seminar in critical theory and social justice. This class examines Sigmund Freud, phallologocentrism, and the lesbian phallus.” Now, you may be asking yourself, “The lesbian phallus, how can that be?” We broke the news on this show back in the mid-nineties: male lesbians. There are male lesbians. I’m not making this up. This is an actual college course: “The Phallus, a seminar in critical theory and social justice. This class examines Sigmund Freud, phallologocentrism and lesbian phallus.”
Number two: Queer Musicology at UCLA. “This course welcomes students from all disciplines to study what it calls an unruly discourse on the subject understood through the works of Cole Porter, Pussy Turret, and John Cage.” Queer Musicology. Number three… Esther, are you listening to this? You came in here again to watch the program, you’re sitting in there and you… Okay, did she miss the discussion on the phallus? I’m not doing it again. It’s already a risk to discuss the course called the phallus as it is. Occidental College. How many thousands of dollars a year are parents spending sending their students to these places? Number five: Taking Marx Seriously, Amherst College — that’s in Massachusetts. “This advanced seminar for 15 students examines whether Karl Marx still matters, despite the countless interpretations and applications of his ideas, or whether the world has entered a post-Marxist era.
“Adultery Novel, at the University of Pennsylvania. Falling in the newly named ‘Gender, Culture and Society'” major, this course examines novels and films of adultery such as Madam Bovary and The Graduate through Marxist, Freudian, and feminist lenses.” The point is you watch these movies and you gotta talk about them, which everybody does anyway, but now you get college course credit for listening to some feminist tell you how you should have viewed the movie. There’s no question what this is. “Blackness, Occidental College. Critical race theory and the idea of post-blackness are among the topics covered in this seminar course examining racial identity. A course on whiteness is a prerequisite.” I don’t know what post-blackness is, because there’s still blackness out there. We cannot be in a post-blackness period unless there is no blackness, and there is blackness.
Let’s see. “Border Crossings, Borderlands: Transitional Feminist Perspectives on Immigration.” This at the University of Washington. “This women’s studies department offering takes a new look at recent immigration debates in the US, integrating questions of race and gender while also looking at the role of the war on terror. Whiteness, the other side of racism,” this is Mount Holyoke College. “The educational studies department offers this first-year writing-intensive seminar asking whether whiteness is an identity, an ideology, a radicalized social system, and if so, how it relates to racism.” You wonder why we’re losing the country? You wonder why we’re becoming a bunch of pacifists? One more of these: Native American Feminisms at the University of Michigan. “The Women’s Studies and American Culture Departments offer this course on contemporary Native American feminism, including its development and its relation to struggles for land,” and one more.
“Mail Order Brides: Understanding the Philippines in Southeast Asian Context, at Johns Hopkins University. This history course, cross-listed with anthropology, political science, and the studies of women, gender and sexuality, is limited to 35 students and asks for an anthropology course as a prerequisite.” Then there is Cyber-Feminism at Cornell. “Cornell’s art history department offers this seminar, looking at art, produced under the influence of feminism, post-feminism, and the Internet.” What is post-feminism? I hear all these post-modernism, post this and post that, and most people run around, “Oh, yeah, yeah,” as if they know what it’s all about. They haven’t the slightest clue. Post-feminism? Let me define it for you, folks. The reason this course even exists, all these courses on feminism, is because I practically single-handedly have destroyed them. Post-feminism is that state of affairs which exists after I have nuked all of it.

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