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RUSH: I’m going to play one Ted Kennedy sound bite just for the hell of it here because it has nothing to do with the prequel that he had. Well, it has nothing to do with the war. We’ll get to those tomorrow. There’ll be plenty of time to play ’em tomorrow, if I even care then. But he was asked a question aside from all this war business. What are the Democrats going to do in this congressional year? Get this.
KENNEDY: I think we’ll do something on preventative care. We’ll do something on obesity. We’ll definitely get something on the floor of the Senate on smoking, on children, and in the broader strokes, uh, hopefully we’ll do something on — on, you know, case management incentives for best practices in health care, financial incentives.
RUSH: For crying out loud, folks, do you understand what this is? “We’re gonna do something on preventative care.” What are we doing now if not that? We’re warning everybody, every day, of everything that will kill them! We’re going to do something on obesity? “We’ll definitely getting something on the floor of the Senate on smoking, on children”? The translation of this is: “You people are a bunch of helpless boobs, and without us you will have no bra! You will have no protection.” (crumbling up transcript) This ought to insult everybody, nanny state business.

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