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The guy who had the announcement, Dr. Anthony Atala, that there were worthwhile and many similar stem cells in amniotic fluid, has put out a statement today: Hey, hey, hey! A lot of people are misinterpreting my research! I wasn’t talking about my amniotic fluid research being a replacement for amniotic stem cells. No, no, no, no! Don’t misunderstand. No, I believe we ought to continue full bore into our research on embryonic stem cells. I wasn’t trying to say that! This is wrong for people to say that my research is a substitute.
Now, what happened to this guy do you think overnight? The one thing that happened to him was he got a phone call from somebody
or a series of somebody’s, and they said, “Do you like funding for your research? Because if you do, you’re going to go out there tomorrow and you’re going to say that people were misinterpreting your research. You can’t do that on the eve of an important Senate debate when we’re not going to debate it! We’re just going to ram it through. You can’t put that out there, and if you want to continue to get funding from private sources, government sources for your little penny amniotic fluid research, then you better get out there and say that you are not working on the substance, you better get out there and plug our research.”
I don’t know if that happened, but it would be easier to believe that something like that did happen than this guy all of a sudden had a come-to-Jesus moment a couple days after his research paper comes out.

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