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RUSH: The Drive-By Media is still all absorbed with Trump and Rosie O’Donnell. I guess some more happened. Trump’s out there saying Barbara Walters is a liar and sent Rosie a letter and all this, and Barbara’s defending Rosie on the show today, calling Rosie fine and Trump a pathetic man, pathetic, mean man, whatever. But there was something that happened, it was earlier this week or late last week, Rosie reacted to being called a slob by Trump. She said, ?That’s really big to call somebody fat when they already know they are fat. I mean, that takes guts.? She said that she had letters and comments from hundreds of obese women who said they were personally damaged by Trump’s comment, calling Rosie a slob. That just is BS. Well, maybe it’s not, stop to think of it now.
It reminded me of after the Donovan McNabb incident with me on ESPN, Tom Jackson, first comment was that he had little black kids in Cincinnati where he lives coming up to him saying, ?Does this mean I can’t be a quarterback in the NFL?? The little teenaged kids, ?Mr. Jackson, does this mean I can’t be a quarterback in the NFL?? This is just poppycock. For Rosie O’Donnell to say that millions or hundreds or thousands or whatever of American women were personally damaged by Trump’s comments, as though fat jokes don’t happen? Just a little side observation. I don’t believe this. I simply don’t believe it. I think it?s a classic liberal ploy, ?You have hurt more than me. You have hurt millions. These women’s lives are now destroyed, Donald, because of you calling me a slob. I can take it because I know I’m a slob, but these other women don’t like being thought of as slobs by people just because of the way they look.?
You notice liberals, you can’t make fun of them about anything. They can make all the fat jokes in the world they want, they can make all of the any kind of human frailty or victim or character jokes they want. You can’t do that to them. They come back at you, and they make you out to be the biggest, most vile, insensitive, heartless, cold SOB walking the earth, when they, of course, allow themselves to get away with all that totally. In fact, it’s a performance technique for them.

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