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RUSH: I want to spend a little time here on the Democrat side of things, other exciting news items out there. Have you ever stopped to think back to the New Hampshire primary, the couple days leading up to it, remember the Drive-Bys all excited that Mrs. Clinton, in pre-election polls, was going to lose anywhere from 5-to-12 points, and throughout the day the New Hampshire primary and their coverage, all excited about this. This didn’t hit me until a little bit later, but it was, to me, unique. The Drive-Bys, up until recently, would just bend over forward, grab the ankles for the Clintons, you know, whatever. But we started noticing in the summertime and in the fall some pretty hard hitting hit pieces from former slavish Clinton reporters like Ron Fournier of the Associated Press and our old buddy Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press. There was a lot of serious dumping on the Clintons. And then the New York Times in the week leading up, ‘Bill’s not attracting any crowds, his audiences are half asleep, they’re walking out early.’ It got me to thinking — and there was a reason for this — and I think that the reason all the Drive-Bys — and I mean all — you’d be hard-pressed to find one who was not dumping on Hillary last week. You know what I think? I think the reason they did that, the reason they were falling all over each other to trash her, was out of sheer relief that she might not be the candidate.

I think it was very illustrative in showing just how much the Drive-Bys hate the idea of President Hillary. They’re still out there talking about how they’re excited over Obama’s endorsements, the culinary union, Janet Napolitano, the governor of Arizona, has endorsed Obama. That’s another thing. Do you realize there seems to be a lot less fear on the Democrat side going against the Clintons? The Clintons have let it be known, as the machine candidate, ‘If you’re not with us, you’re forever going to be on the outs. If you don’t endorse Hillary, then you’re not going to be part of our administration, you’re not going to be granted good favors,’ and blah, blah, blah. There seems to be less and less fear of that. Now, in South Carolina, James Clyburn, Democrat member of Congress, ranking member, Congressional Black Caucus, assumed all along to be going for Hillary. He’s backed off. He’s upset at the Clintons’ term for Obama in foreign policy not having done enough spadework. They’re not happy with the way the Clintons have used disguised racism in dumping on Obama.

I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but if Jim Clyburn decided to endorse Obama in South Carolina, that’s one endorsement that might have an impact. For all this talk about Bill Clinton being the nation’s first black president — and how stupid was that? That’s something that survived as well. So I have detected that the Drive-Bys are not that enamored of the Clintons anymore and were just looking forward to her getting shellacked. It may be they’re just tired of being slaves those eight years.

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