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RUSH: Janney in North Port, Florida. You’re networks on Open Line Friday. Hi.
CALLER: Yeah, Rush. I’m a long-time listener, and I’m in your Amazon brigade, by the way, so I like my —
RUSH: Wait, wait. What does that mean?
CALLER: Well, I guess you could say I’m a tall blonde but I like my men manly, and I’m having a big problem with your male callers of late. This week, especially — after the president’s speech — was the worst ever. They’re all girlie men, and I can say that the guy that coined that phrase is the biggest girlie man of all now, and they’re just weak at the knees. They’re all whiners.
RUSH: You have just called Governor Schwarzenegger a girlie man!
CALLER: Well, I think it’s the influence of the other half.
RUSH: You’re talking about the liberals that called here like the guy from Redlands, California, who thought…?
CALLER: I wouldn’t say they’re all liberals. Some conservatives who are just abandoning Bush and what he’s trying to do in Iraq, and I just find — I don’t think they understand. I think it’s the education system, by the way. It’s 30 years of this liberal education. It’s feminized several generations of men, and I don’t think that bodes well for our future. They are not able… All they do is whine. They’re not able to understand what’s going on over there. They disgust me, that they have this inability to understand what’s at stake.
RUSH: I totally agree with you. We call the feminized male population of this country “the new castrati.”
RUSH: As an Amazon, you understand what that means.
CALLER: Oh, yes.
RUSH: By the way, she called herself that, folks, if you’re just tuning in.
CALLER: Well, I’m a tall blonde, a very tall blonde. I’ve been called Amazon before.
RUSH: Well, but see, that’s… You’re not an Amazon in my definition of the Amazon. I’ll tell you what that is in a second. How tall are you?
CALLER: About six foot. I’m not that tall, but six foot is tall for a woman.

RUSH: Bill Clinton would be salivating right now if he knew you were on the phone.
CALLER: Pardon me?
RUSH: Bill Clinton?
CALLER: Oh! (laughing)
RUSH: He got turned on by a 400-year-old mummy. Some college basketball players showed up in the White House, and he was looking up at one of them, and his comments were how excited he was about what fun that would be to spend some time with her. This Amazon business, an Amazon is talking about women in combat.
RUSH: And the All American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion is a battalion, division, whatever, of women who are, at the time of combat, on PMS, or in the middle of PMS. It has nothing to do with size. It has to do with just turning them into banshees for the purposes of combat. But, look, I couldn’t agree with you more about the wussiness and the passivity that exists in this country, particularly among male population. It’s mystifying — well, it’s not mystifying, I understand it. I think it’s partly right. But it’s disappointing.
CALLER: Well, yesterday when you talked about — we saw it on interviews on the TV when they were asking men specifically after the president to speak what they thought and this, “I’m tired of war. I tire of war. I’m weary of war.” I mean, these people are rounding the golf course —
RUSH: Don’t get me started again.

CALLER: — they’re going out to sail in the Gulf there. They’re going to Saks to buy clothes that day. I mean, this is ridiculous. But they don’t realize what they found. I just wanted to slap ’em all, and as an Amazon I could do that.
RUSH: Yes. Yes, I know. I’d love to see it, frankly. Well, look, where is — where is North Port, Florida?
CALLER: I’m in Sarasota County, south Sarasota County.
RUSH: Okay.
CALLER: About 30 miles from Sarasota.
RUSH: Okay, so you’re on the left coast.
CALLER: And you should be living over here, Rush. This is the most conservative county in the state, and we’ve got gorgeous areas along the water. You should really be living over here. This is the place for you. Longboat Key, the Fiesta.
RUSH: Quite seductive. That’s quite seductive.
CALLER: You should come over and check it out sometime. There’s Casey Key, there’s great places.
RUSH: I’ve been there. I’ve been to Tampa, and of course have been over to Naples. I’ve seen the —
CALLER: And Boca Grand, you been to Boca Grand?
RUSH: No, not been to Boca Grand. I’ve not been there.

CALLER: Check it out sometime. I think you’d be very comfortable over here.
RUSH: Yes. Well, I —
CALLER: We’d love to have you.
RUSH: I appreciate the invitation.
CALLER: Okay, Rush.
RUSH: Thanks much for the call, Janney, and have a great weekend, okay? She’s gone. I’ve got a quick time-out here, folks, be back in mere moments and continue on Open Line Friday.

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