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RUSH: All right, to the phones we go, and John in Heartland, Wisconsin. You’re up first today. Nice to have you with us, sir.
CALLER: Morning.
RUSH: Morning. Afternoon. What time is it where you are?
CALLER: Well, it’s still morning where I am.
RUSH: That’s what counts.
CALLER: Let’s bring up a point. I always like to bring up the ghost of Clinton when everything goes wrong with the Republicans but, you know what? I don’t hear it with the war because, you know, the two wars we fought under Clinton — ah! — we won. Remember, Bosnia, Kosovo?
RUSH: Wait, what…?
CALLER: We won.
RUSH: Bosnia and Kosovo, the two wars that we fought, we won?
CALLER: We didn’t think we won. We won. We beat the poop out of them — and guess what, we’re not back there fighting, either. Hmm.
RUSH: We are…?
CALLER: I didn’t say Somalia. [sic–neither did Rush] I said the two wars we fought with Clinton — Somalia wasn’t a war, and we just went back there.
RUSH: All right, I’m not getting everything you’re saying, but let me talk about Clinton and his war with *NATO forces* in Bosnia, Kosovo, the former Yugoslavia. Number one: Bill Clinton fought that war from 15,000 feet. That’s why there were no casualties. There were no American forces, ground troops that were used. They were NATO troops. The spokesman for the war was some British guy from NATO named Jamie. I’ll never forget this guy’s accent. It mesmerized me. (impression) “Our forces today under the command of Brigadier General Fauntleroy Bighorn.” But nevertheless your boy Clinton didn’t have the guts to take any casualties because he didn’t want to risk his precious approval rating. Clinton did that war for PC reasons. It was ethnic cleansing. There are all kinds of real ethnic cleansing going on that Clinton didn’t dare get involved in anywhere, and you want to tell us about Clinton’s victory in Mogadishu or Somalia where he pulled us out in the midst of victory after 18 Rangers had been killed.
Go watch the movie Black Hawk Down or read the book, but that’s not the point of all of this. The point of all of this is that the United States is at war, and there are people who are trying, in this country, to secure our defeat. This is not just about stabilizing Baghdad, folks. This is not just about stabilizing Iraq, because I dare say, if that had been the mission, do you think the American people would have supported that? I wouldn’t have supported it. We’re going to go to war to stabilize Baghdad, stabilize Iraq? That’s only part of what this is about. This war is being fought to protect America. This war is about United States national security. 9/11! I continue to be amazed at the number of people have been able to wipe that off the map. So anyway, you can sit out there and say Clinton fights wars and wins them and so forth. I’m not trying to make this a partisan thing between Bush and Clinton.
Clinton’s days are gone and he’s still looking for his legacy. If Clinton was a great victor in war, don’t you think they’d be out there trumping this? By the way, the situation in Kosovo? We still have UN peacekeepers there, and they’re still doing what they do, which is not much good. They’re still battling and fighting over there, and of course when Bill Clinton went to war, there wasn’t any criticism of it in the media. There were no daily briefings on the body count and injuries and the unnecessary tactics being used and oh how horrible it was. There was no “Where’s the plan?” or “What’s our exit strategy?” There was none of that. So the American people were not treated to a daily dose of news designed to depress them about it. It was just the opposite, because the media, the Drive-By Media, is the same generation as Clinton. His success is theirs; his failure is theirs. That’s why they prop him up and are continuing to help write the legacy.

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