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RUSH: All right, I’m going to do this, but I’m going to regret it. Ever since the guy who hung up who wanted to know what’s in my theater, the theater room at home, I’m getting inundated with e-mail. “You promised. You can’t leave us hanging!” Okay. Here you go. There are three elements here: the projector, the scaler, and the screen. The projector is a Digital Projection Incorporated model. It’s a DPI. The HIGHlite 10000 HD-R. It’s simply known as the HIGHlite reference 1080P. It’s in DPI. I imagine what’s going to happen is, is that Koko is going to look all this stuff up and these people’s website, the DPI website, will be pointed out and people will be able to go there and see this stuff.
But it’s DPI HIGHlite 10000 HD-R, or the HIGHlite reference 1080P. The scaler is also DPI. It’s VIP 2,000. VIP 2,000 is the scaler. The screen is made by Stewart Screen, Incorporated, the model P-1500 Series Frame with custom star glass material, and the model number here goes on for two lines, so I’m not going to mess with that. The screen is glass, two pieces of glass thick with the white screen material between the two. So it has the effect of being a 15-foot like plasma. It’d blow your mind. Anyway, those are the three elements that produce the picture, other than the sources of the video. I promised. That’s it. I’m not going to put any pictures up. Folks, don’t make me do that. Do not, please, ask me to do that. There’s this thing called privacy. If I put a picture up there, it’s going to end up all over everywhere.

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