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RUSH: Birmingham, Alabama, this is Allen. I’m glad you waited, sir.
CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.
RUSH: Yes, sir.
CALLER: I called and been listening, been on hold for a while and been listening to your show and think that you’ve been landing some great body blows against Duke and Nifong in this lacrosse rape scandal. My comment is going to wind up sounding like I’m quibbling with you because I’m on board with so much of what you’ve said, and I didn’t want to get sidetracked in that respect because I think Nifong is going to get what’s coming to him in terms of some sort of sanction against him, but I did want to take issue with your remarks about the parents’ of prospective athletes at Duke being concerned about legal fees. I really feel like these particular lacrosse students, you know, who stand accused have been caught in a perfect storm of prosecutorial misconduct and also just university administration and faculty who run amuck with political correctness. I don’t want to confuse those two wrongdoings, that the legal fees are all about DA Nifong, and the university is not really responsible for legal fees that people might get tangled up in —
RUSH: Hold it just a second. The university threw their own customers under the bus. They threw the students overboard without any evidence whatsoever on the basis of the first allegation. They fired the coach. They are civilly liable in this. They’re going to suffer more if these families proceed than Nifong will. This whole thing — I’m sorry. I might have been excessive in suggesting that every prospective parent of an athlete that goes to Duke will have to have a little stash of a million bucks to handle legal fees. Trying to illustrative with that. But I have to tell you something: What happened here is precisely why the Founding Fathers wrote our criminal justice system the way that it is, is to make sure this doesn’t happen.
When we have corrupt people in law enforcement, and no way to get rid of them or punish them other than by their peers doing it in bar proceedings or ethics panels or what have you, what’s to stop this from happening again unless there is a huge monetary award at some point down the line. Because this is what liberalism gives us, preconceived guilt based on certain templates that involve race wealth, privilege, higher education and so forth. The one good thing about this is — and this is no solace or comfort to any of the families involved here — the one great thing about this is that it’s opening people’s eyes to the kind of thinking and prejudice and bigotry that exists in the faculty and the administration and the student body of most higher education institutions.
CALLER: Well, I think you’ve got a good point there. I think that what happened at Duke is going on all over the place. It’s just a question — the thing that happened here that’s unusual is that these boys got, you know, arrested for serious felonies. But you can go to like, I believe the organization is called FIRE, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Go to their website, and they could cite just chapter and verse of cases of PC bullying and radical left on campus bullying on all kinds of issues.

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