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RUSH: Well, we had a couple more hangings over there in Baghdad. Saddam’s half-brother Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti — you know, Saddam’s actual name ended with al-Tikriti, too, just means they’re from Tikrit. They hanged the guy and apparently somebody goofed up there, the hangman, and he was decapitated. They’ve shown reporters video of this. The other guy was hanged properly, both dead, but one lost his head, Saddam’s half-brother lost his head, and of course there’s worldwide outrage over this. You read the story, though, you find out that this guy Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti carried out Saddam?s and other orders to put prisoners in wood chippers and so forth.
The thing that amazes me about this, I have to be honest, I can’t believe the Supreme Court’s putting up with this. I can’t believe the Supreme Court hasn’t put a stop to these executions, these hangings, especially if they?re going bad, they’re humiliating to the victims, and we haven’t heard a word from John Paul Stevens about this. We haven’t heard a word from Ruth ?Buzzi? Ginsberg or Mr. Foreign law himself, Stephen Breyer. What good are they? By the way, John Edwards, the Breck Girl, very courageous, lots of guts, went into New York yesterday to slam Hillary, while she’s in Iraq. By the way, there was a sighting of a Sherman tank in Iraq. It wasn’t. It was Hillary wearing body armor. People didn’t think we had any Sherman tanks deployed in Iraq. They saw it, whoa, what is this? Have you seen the video of Hillary sitting there talking to Maliki? Laughing it up like a schoolgirl. Whatever they’re talking about, don’t know. But that cackle that she has, we named that cackle. (interruption) Dawn’s upset at my Hillary Sherman tank remark? Dawn, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. You know, I need to move to the center on these kinds things. You’re right. Dawn’s right. I shouldn’t have said that. When did we get married, Dawn? Again, 800-282-2882. Slap me upside the face.

RUSH: By the way, I just saw this on television. Apparently some company is putting out a Saddam in the noose doll. Saddam Hussein in a hangman’s noose, and the T-shirt says, “Dope on a rope.” Oh, this is horrible. How can the Supreme Court permit this? They’re making fun of this guy who was hanged and was brutally taunted and made fun of and laughed at before he was hanged. This is unseemly.
But here’s the real story. Several kids in the Middle East have died trying to replicate the Saddam video. They?ve hanged themselves. It says here, this is an AP story, ?The boys’ deaths scattered in the US, in Pakistan, in Turkey and elsewhere in seemingly isolated horror had one thing in common: They hanged themselves after watching televised images of Saddam’s execution.? The press is wringing their hands over it, ?Oh, my gosh, do you realize what’s happening here? Why, that video, it was horrible, that video has been released because look what the kids are trying to copy, Saddam is hanging?? wait a minute. This is the same media for the longest time telling us violence and sex and perversion on TV doesn’t affect the behavior of the little kids that watch it? But now all of a sudden since it’s the Saddam video, why, there’s a problem here? You know, there was less explicit violence in the Saddam video than in 95% of the action shows and movies that are broadcast in this country every day. In terms of raw violence in the Saddam video, there wasn’t much. Just that final shot with the head at an angle and the slit throat. Oh, well. Selective outrage.

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