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RUSH: More audio sound bites. Martin Luther King Day offered an opportunity for civil rights leaders to engage in hate speech. The “FreeSpeech” segment last night on the increasingly little watched CBS Evening News with Katie Couric featured John Lewis, and this is part of what Lewis had to say in his exciting commentary.
LEWIS: If Dr. King could speak today, he would tell us to stop this madness and bring our young people home. He would say that war is an obsolete, ineffective tool of our foreign policy.
RUSH: Wow.
LEWIS: He would say that we must struggle against injustice; we must stand up for what we believe, but if peace is our goal, then peaceful ends can only be secured by peaceful means. He would say we must find a way for us to live together as brothers and sisters, or we will perish as fools.
RUSH: Well, this happened to be said the same day Hillary Clinton was calling for more troops to wipe out the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. John Lewis is telling us what Martin Luther King would have said about the Iraq war. Here’s Representative Lewis, by the way, as we go back to our audio archives on the House floor. March 21st, 1995, during the Contract with America debate, specifically the school lunch debate, this is what Lewis said about Republicans.
LEWIS: They are coming for our children! They are coming for the poor! They are coming for the sick, the elderly, and the disabled.
RUSH: Yes! He’s trying to say Republicans wanted to wipe those people out, just get rid of them because they got in the way. Of course it’s Democrats in Tiburon and Chappaquiddick who don’t want these people anywhere near them and don’t want their values and their property to be devalued by the presence of such “scum,” and yet Democrats claim it’s people like you and me, folks, who wish to disrespect, dishonor, ignore, harm, hurt, damage the poor, the hungry, the thirsty, the infirm, the dis-infirm, the dysentery, the elderly, and the disabled. But the pi?ce de r?sistance was last Friday in Washington at a forum on black leadership. Councilman Charles Barron, Democrat from Brooklyn, New York, said this.

BARRON: We have such bad black people in power nowadays, I don’t even call them Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas anymore because that’s an insult to Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima. These folks are worse! It’s not enough to get somebody in a powerful position that looks like you. Condoleezza Rice looks like you. She don’t even look like us, but Condoleezza Rice looks like you. Clarence Thomas looks like you. These are people… Colin Powell looks like you. But we can no longer have people that “look like us in power.” We have to build a movement like we’re doing in New York City to put people in power who think like us, act for us, and have our best interests at heart.
RUSH: Now, on that last part — just so there’s no misunderstanding — I totally agree. If you’re trying to amass political power, fine and dandy, get the people who agree with you and think like you, and then go out and try to win it at the ballot box, but I thought this first part of this… I thought the civil rights movement was based totally on race, which is skin color, is it not? I thought the whole objective was diversity in the way people looked. I thought the whole point was to get a certain percentage of every minority in every institution and business as possible, because that represented “fairness,” and it was all based on the quota of the color of the skin of people who held various positions and jobs. Now all of a sudden this guy is saying, “It’s not enough to get somebody in a powerful position that looks like you”? Well, I thought this was what this was all about! I thought that’s how we were going to say that we’re getting rid of the original sin of slavery and discrimination and all the other evils.
Am I wrong about this? It has been about skin color. Now, I know, as a program matter for the longest time that leftists and civil rights leaders have no respect and in fact disdain for conservative blacks, and they’ve made no secret about it. They tried to destroy Clarence Thomas, which is why I’ve always said, the civil rights movement’s not about race! They’ve always wanted us to think it is. They’ve always wanted us to say that if you don’t let a minority of any color have the job, then you’re a racist and sexist. But they weren’t telling us what we thought of those person’s views. All the while we were saying, “No, wait a minute. We’re not racists; I just don’t like liberals.”
“No, you’re just a closet racist! You don’t like black people!”
“No, that’s not it!”
Now we’re being told by Charles Barron, Democrat, Brooklyn, that it’s not enough to have people who look like us or him or you? You gotta get people the way we think? So once again, El Rushbo on the cutting edge. The civil rights movement: it isn’t about race, and it isn’t about improving the lot of blacks. It’s about liberalism, and it’s about big government. It’s about coalescing power among the elite. Feminism? It’s not about women, not really. It’s about liberalism. Otherwise every discriminated woman in the country would be a cause c?l?bre for the feminists, but go talk to Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. They were nothing but trash. Particularly Paula Jones; she was from a trailer park! Feminism is as much elitism as liberalism is anywhere. “She was from a trailer park; she was trash.” They wouldn’t let her live in Tiburon. Even if she were a liberal, they wouldn’t want her because she moving in from a trailer park. These people are elitists. They are phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers to the hilt. But thank you, Mr. Barron, for inadvertently (I’m sure) letting us know that the civil rights movement has nothing to do with race.

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