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RUSH: John in San Diego. John, thanks for your patience here.
CALLER: I just wanted to say that back in ’91 when Bush 41, when they bamboozled him over the whole no new taxes thing, I remember on your TV show that you had showed that, and I never really got over that. I thought that that was really despicable, and now here it is in modern times, and we have Democrats that will do anything to get back into power — and at the expense of our troops and the expense of, really in the future, the national security of our country. I think that it’s a really awful thing, but another thing I think is that the Democrats are very, very shortsighted because they keep taking plays from their same old playbook, and just like in ’93-’94, I think that now I believe that they’re going to self-destruct over time because once you turn ’em loose they’re going to start making a lot of really big mistakes, and I think what we have to do is just be there to point it out, just like you were there ’93-’94 to point it out, how outrageous what they were doing was.
RUSH: Yes, but you know what? I’m glad you uttered the last part of that. I have a different theory now. I think they imploded the last six years. I think they imploded all last year. I thought there was no way the American people were going to reward or even want to invest in that kind of enraged, irrational hatred — and yet they did! Well, they may not have, but the practical outcome, the results of the elections, was, they did! The difference in 1993 was two big House scandals — the Post Office and the Bank — and Republicans had an agenda. They didn’t announce it ’til October, before the election, but that’s when most people started paying attention. There was elected conservative leadership that was driving that train, and so in addition to the Democrat implosion, there was an alternative. Now, if you take it back to this last election, it’s hard for Democrats to implode because they weren’t in power, but they were imploding in human terms, as far as I’m concerned.

It was just outrageous, but the Drive-By Media is going to be there to cover for them at every stage, and when they implode, it’s not going to be referred to as imploding. When they crack up, it’s not going to be called cracking up. It’s going to be defended; it’s going to be applauded. The Democratic Party is becoming more and more fringe and wacko by the day, and yet the Drive-By Media doesn’t portray them that way. They portray them the way they did the old mainstream guys. Plus they’re constantly attacking Republicans, and the Republicans last fall didn’t have any agenda. The Republicans gave nobody a reason to vote for them, particularly the way they had governed — and you had the specter of Iraq hanging over everything. So I think it would be a mistake — a short answer to your question: it would be a mistake — to assume that the other party is simply going to implode and the American people are going to say, “Wow. We can’t have this anymore,” because if they’re not given an alternative, there’s no reason to vote for that, either.
So you can’t just have the theory that they’re going to implode and sit back and wait for this to happen at some point, because I’ve been there and done that. I still am amazed — even though I know why the election turned out the way it did, I’m still stunned — that it did, and I don’t mind admitting this. It goes against every granule of human nature I know. There’s nothing inspiring about who the Democrats are today. There is nothing that makes you want to join their team. Look at this first hundred hours. Where is it? There’s no excitement about it! Nobody knows even what hour we’re at in terms of the first hundred, and nobody knows what’s been done. We don’t know. Well, we do here, because we know these things, but the average American couldn’t care less about the Democrats’ first hundred hours, or anything else that they’re doing. Everybody is so preoccupied about Iraq, but it’s going to take more just letting these guys implode because it’s going to have to be a real implosion.
The Drive-By Media is going to prop these people up and make ’em appear mainstream every day and every night. It’s their party.

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