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RUSH: All right, from Landstuhl, Germany: “US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton…” By the way, she canceled the two o’clock press event today, two o’clock Eastern Time because of the announcement by Barack Obama that he’s going to form his presidential exploratory committee for the purposes of deciding by February 10th whether he’s going to seek the office of dictator — president! — of the United States of America. She canceled the press conference, but she said yesterday… Now, get this. “U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Monday that Afghanistan has made some progress, but the country is ‘tottering’ and needs more troops to finish off Taliban and al-Qaida forces…. ‘I?m encouraged by the progress in Afghanistan, but Afghanistan is tottering,’ Clinton said. ‘We?ve got to get more support there to make sure we try to finish off the Taliban and al-Qaida that are regrouping, coming across the border. We expect a big spring offensive.'”
Now, doesn’t this just frost you? These senators and these congressmen prancing all over the globe, trying to appear to be presidential just to enhance their pathetic profiles and their stagnating political careers — and let’s face it, the presence on the scene with such verve and excitement in the Drive-By Media and apparently by a lot of just plain old everyday Democrats out there across the country for Barack Obama, doesn’t that sort of say that Mrs. Clinton is stagnating? Barack is something new, supposedly. There’s nothing new in politics, but he’s got the label. He’s got the moniker. He’s new! He’s refreshing! He has new ideas. He’s a new generation, and Mrs. Clinton, eh, old guard, stagnating. So they run around and –while they’re trying to do their best to secure defeat in Iraq, they run around and — tell us how we need more troops, and we need more force to wipe out Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Of course, we don’t have any interest from Mrs. Clinton on wiping out Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in Iraq.
You know, it’s a long shot, a pipe dream, actually, but I wish the Bush administration would call ’em on it. These are just nothing more than high-powered photo-ops at the expense of our troops.

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