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RUSH: You know, yesterday we were talking about the first 100 hours of the Pelosi House and how nobody seems to care about it, and we’re not even counting down the hours. I don’t even know what hour we’re at. Sorry, never end a sentence with a preposition. We don’t know at what hour we are. And yet there are two big deals coming. One is their student loan interest rate cut. That’s set for a vote in the House today, and their attempt to destroy Big Oil with the ending of tax breaks and so forth. Even the Washington Post is not excited about any of this. This 100-hour juggernaut to get the student loan rate cut, the vote is today, and the coverage — I don’t care, San Francisco Chronicle, I don’t care where you look, the coverage is unenthusiastic. Maybe this is why there hasn’t been any buzz about it.
I want to tell you about the student loan cut business. There are two things that are going on here, and as is always the case, it’s what’s not mentioned that is the key. If you cut student loan rates and if you increase the deduction, the tax deduction for tuition, what do you do end up doing? You allow universities to raise tuition. If loans are going to be cheaper, and if you can take a larger tax break for tuition, then you allow universities to continue to raise tuition to balance it all out. I think this is all a sop from one batch of liberals to their buddies in academe, and it’s all disguised as helping the little guy out there, Joe Six-Pack, whose dream is still to have a member of his family go to college, despite how much it costs. We always hear about the price of oil, the price of gasoline, but we never, ever hear any criticism of what it costs to go to college. We never, ever do. That’s outrageous, and the percentage increases every year for college tuition are stunning.

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