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RUSH: Matt in Clarksville, Tennessee, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hey, how you doing?
RUSH: Fine, sir. Really, they’re killing the audience out there! I never did anything to kill an audience member.
CALLER: (Laughing.) Okay. Hey, I was listening to NPR this morning, and surprise, surprise, Hillary Clinton was on, and the interviewer asked her, ?So what is your plan to get out of Iraq? You keep saying get out, get out, but what is your plan?? She said, ?Well, we should have a phased withdrawal if certain requirements and events are met by the Iraqis.? And to me that sort of sounds exactly like what President Bush has been saying all along.
RUSH: Yeah, she’s got a problem here, because she voted for this. Obama didn’t. She has a little bit of a problem. But as long as she says something that can be interpreted as we gotta get out there and we gotta get out of there now, and as long as she opposes the reinforcements, she’ll be okay on the Democrats. She’s not going to get tied up in knots over this. She’s got bigger problems down the road with Obama. Because let me tell you something, a lot of people, I have gotten a lot of e-mail from you people who think that I’m getting caught up in the conventional wisdom and media bubble about Obama because you think the media is going to throw him overboard at some point in favor of Hillary.
Folks, I want you to think about something very, very carefully here. Throwing Barack Obama overboard or sabotaging Obama by the Drive-By Media is something they cannot do. He’s black! Even though the civil rights leadership has not formed a bond with Obama, and even though they don’t consider him to be one of them, you’re just not going to have these Drive-By Media types savage this guy after all this big buildup like they would any other candidate they wanted to get out of the way. Again, the fact that he’s being built up to the degree he is and that Edwards is in the face of this veritable entitlement that Hillary Clinton seemed to have to this office is the real interesting thing here. We have a Hillary sound bite here from the Today Show today. Matt Lauer asked her this. ?The UN reports that last year 34,000 Iraqis lost their lives. If we don’t suppress this sectarian violence in the insurgency, aren’t we just going to see more of the same??
HILLARY: I propose putting conditions on the funding that we provide to the Iraqis. I don’t think we should continue to fund the protection for the Iraqi government leaders or for the training and equipping of their army unless they meet certain conditions, including making the political compromises that have been called for now for more than two years.
RUSH: And then Lauer said, ?Look, Senator Obama has announced he’s opening an exploratory committee. Is he qualified? He’s been in the Senate two years. Is he completely qualified to be commander-in-chief in your opinion??
HILLARY: The voters will make these decisions. That’s what’s so great about —
LAUER: But do you think he’s qualified? He’s a fellow Democrat, would you be comfortable with him in the White House?
HILLARY: I’m going to let all of those decisions be sorted out by voters.
RUSH: Meaning, wait ’til we get through destroying this guy ourselves and make it look like the Republicans did it. ?I’m not worried about Obama,? she is saying. The real question from Matt Lauer should have been, ?What are your qualifications, Mrs. Clinton, to be commander-in-chief??

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