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RUSH: Emily in San Francisco, thanks, Emily, for calling. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Thank you for teaching us every day. That’s what President Truman said, the press should be to teach the people, and that’s what you do with facts and honesty. You’re not any Dan Rather making up documents or New York Times having liars for writers, you know. I thank you. But you know what I was going to ask you about is the anti-war left foreign policy of the Democrats. If you recall, with president FDR, we went into war but we were allied with the communist Russia, so the left said that was okay. But Truman, he left town without anyone saying good-bye on the — you know, when he left town on the train, so Kennedy was assassinated after he stopped the Russian nukes. And also Truman gave us the war, the Vietnam War. Kennedy escalated the war, so he had to be let go. He was assassinated by a communist, Johnson —
RUSH: Wait a minute, wait a minute, are you talking about Lee Harvey Oswald?
CALLER: Yes, Lee Harvey Oswald. He came from Russia —
RUSH: Yeah, okay, I thought maybe you had a new name like maybe Khrushchev pulled the trigger or something.
CALLER: Yeah, right. Johnson, of course, you know, he was forced out, and then Nixon, they forced him out, as you know, and then they cut the funds. And we cut and ran from Vietnam, and they cut the funds for the poor South Vietnamese who were left to die and were slaughtered by the communists, and that was another nation that was left to communism. Then we had Carter. He forced the Shah out of Iran, and then of course we now today have Ahmadinejad, who was given nuclear weapons by Bill Clinton because he said he just wanted them to heat the desert.
RUSH: (Laughing.) Heat the desert. That was North Korea where Clinton gave the little pot-bellied dictator nuclear reactors with the promise he wouldn’t turn them into weapons. Ha-ha. What are you saying here, Emily, what are you saying? Let’s cut to the chase.

CALLER: What I’m saying is these anti-war leftists have stopped the foreign policy. The results of their foreign policy has damaged this country so that today we’re facing Ahmadinejad in this hemisphere with Chavez and Ortega, the Nicaraguan communist, we’re worse off today because of their foreign policy. And whereas with Reagan, he brought down the Soviet Union, and he increased our military and made it strong, where Carter left us without even bullets for our soldiers. And President Bush won the Persian Gulf War within days, and then we became the world power, the sole world power. Every time we get the Democrats back into power, this is what happens. We become weaker and weaker, and this war, according to what the people who know, they say the war against the Islamists is going to last a hundred years, and it’s not going to be overnight. It’s not President Bush’s war. It’s our war. We have been attacked and hated. And so I thank you for all the facts you’ve given us, Rush, and you know so much, and it’s so hard to keep up. I don’t know how you do it.
RUSH: Well, it takes brains, commitment, passion, concern, and caring.
CALLER: Well, you’re a wonderful man, and we love you very much.
RUSH: Well, thank you. Emily, let me ask you.
RUSH: I’m sure some people are interpreting what you’re saying, the Democrats have done everything they can to prop up communist regimes. Whether by accident or by design, they refuse to see communism as a problem, and in fact they strengthen it. Today militant Islamism has replaced communism as the big threat we face. Is that your intent?
CALLER: Yes. And they have stopped us from winning any war. They do not let us win wars. They come in and they take away the money —
RUSH: What about Kosovo? What about Clinton and that courageous victory from 15,000 feet?
CALLER: Well, that was NATO fighting. We had very few forces there, compared to NATO. NATO was the one that was fighting that war.
RUSH: Yeah, but Clinton ordered it. Clinton got the credit, he and Ashley Wilkes. You know, Wesley Clark was one of the generals in that conflict, and they’re claiming great credit as great militarists.
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: (Laughing.)
CALLER: I mean it’s just like saying Obama is going to be a Reagan and is going to bring down a country like the communists —
RUSH: Emily, Emily before, I go — do you need security protection in San Francisco?
CALLER: Oh, I sure do, but I just keep on because, you know, the truth has to win.
RUSH: Yes, that’s true. And the truth does not need to be balanced. Thank you, Emily. That is a great short history lesson for people.

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