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RUSH: Anthony in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you doing?

RUSH: Just fine, sir.

CALLER: First-time caller.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: A little nervous. Illegal immigration. I don’t think Huckabee or McCain get the idea here — especially how the Americans let their voices be heard on this illegal immigration thing. Now, you got Graham campaigning with McCain in South Carolina, and they’re almost taking a condescending tone towards people questioning them on the illegal immigration. Every time you ask them, he comes up, ‘Secure the borders, two million criminals will be deported,’ that leaves ten million left. So people want his answer and he keeps coming up with this, ‘Well, I know an illegal immigrant that’s the wife of a soldier, and I’m not going to send her home,’ like that’s compassionate or something.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Just a second. Hold it. Hold it! Who said that? McCain said that?


RUSH: Wait a minute.

CALLER: He’s been saying that.

RUSH: Just a sec.

CALLER: He said it to Romney.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Because McCain is out there trying to tell everybody he’s learned from the illegal immigrant fiasco, that he’s seen the light on this.


RUSH: That’s what Debra Saunders said.

CALLER: I haven’t —

RUSH: Well, I’ve been wondering about this, because I said on Monday, I’m watching the TV, and there’s Lindsey Grahamnesty opening up and doing a warm-up for a McCain town meeting, and I’m thinking, ‘This is South Carolina where Lindsey Grahamnesty’s negative numbers were just through the roof after this amnesty bill.’ Now, the latest Rasmussen poll has it tied, for what this is worth. This is Thursday; the primary is Saturday. It has McCain and Huckabee at 24 each, Mitt Romney at 18%, Fred Thompson, 16%. The only guy moving up in this poll, I think, is Fred Thompson by a couple points, from 14 to 16%. These polls… You’re right about this South Carolina immigration business.

CALLER: I don’t want —

RUSH: For the anger over that to just have subsided? I would be interested to see this.

CALLER: I don’t accept that, and I’ll tell you what, just a personal experience. My wife’s been in the country for seven years. She’s from Europe. We’ve been going through INS for seven years doing everything the way we’re supposed to do and everything, and both Huckabee and McCain just don’t seem to get it: that it’s just not fair to the people that do it the right way.

RUSH: I don’t think it’s that they don’t get it. See, that’s the point. It’s not that they don’t get it. They think you don’t. They think we don’t get it, that we don’t understand. Frankly, I happen to believe that members of the Senate are — at this moment, as we speak — plotting the next amnesty bill. I do! They’re going to come back at this just like they come back with everything else that they lose. Look what went down when the State Children’s Health Program, S-CHIP, went down the tubes. They’re trying to incrementally bring back elements of that in different pieces of legislation rather than go get it all at once. What do you think driver’s licenses for illegals was about in New York with Governor Spitzer? It was about the failure of the amnesty bill. ‘Okay, so let’s go get it incrementally. We’ll do this.’ It’s all Democrats are doing this stuff. I don’t for a minute believe these guys aren’t going to try to get that back. They just couldn’t get it done before the presidential election year started. They can’t do it during a presidential election year. So, make no bones about it: this is what they’re doing.

They made it very clear what they want in the United States Senate, members of both parties, and we know why. It’s about votes! It’s about registering new voters, pure and simple, folks. We know what this is about. What always amazed us on the Republican side was that we couldn’t understand why Republicans didn’t see that this was a Destruction of the Republican Party Act. Nevertheless, we’re covering old ground here. It’d be interesting to see how this does shake out in the primary on Saturday. But don’t for a minute think that they’ve seen the light on this. They may say so, but the bottom line is: They’re still plotting ways. All these pro-amnesty people are still plotting ways, once they get back to serious legislative action after the presidential race, to get it passed. (interruption) What are you…? Are you disagreeing with me in there? Are you frowning because you think I’m making an idiot of myself? (interruption) Okay. Good. Don’t give me that look again because I know it couldn’t possibly be true. So don’t make me ask. They’re plotting ways to get that amnesty done one way or the other when they get back. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand who these people are and how they think.

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